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Soca Sax by Oral Rodriquez on super producer Stadic beat!
Soca Sax Oral Rodriquez
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Soca Sax by Oral Rodriquez on super producer Stadic beat!

If you love Soca music, this is the next big artist in the making! Oral Rodriguez plays the Saxophone like none other, he should be headlining all the festivals and carnival throughout the world. Oral Rodriquez is on superstars' producer Stadic riddim called "Grenadine Isles Riddim" with his new song "Soca Sax". Oral's Sax playing over the well-produced beat is simply amazing! The song makes one just want to head to the next festival, dress sexy in Festival/Carnival clothing and start dancing.

 Oral is a guru Saxophonist player and a bandleader with great arrangement skills. He has performed with the top soca artists in Trinidad and Tobago for the past twenty years. Oral's is now doing his solo performances with his hit new release "Soca sax". Listen on Spotify:

Oral Rodriguez's saxophone skills let you know he's able to play for major orchestra in the world. The saxophone is one of the few instruments that a musician can explore different styles including classical orchestral, blues, rock & roll, smooth jazz, hip-hop, reggae and more. However, Oral went a different and challenging route by playing Soca that makes you want to dance until you drop!

Playing the saxophone takes great skill and breathing technique that takes talent, a gift and a great commitment. Oral shows all signs of great talent in his song "Soca Sax". This song will give the radio and club DJ's great pleasure with the freedom it allows, they will have the opportunity to mix/blend Oral's "Soca Sax" songs. 

Oral Rodriguez performed for six years with Trinidad & Tobago XTATIK band with lead singer Machel Montano the King of soca, that had the 1997 hit release “Big Truck. Oral also played with the "Asylum Band" for ten years with lead singer Bunji Garlin & Fay-Ann Lyons, Destra Garcia for three years and currently performing with D All Starz/TTPS band.

Oral's "Soca Sax" is heading for the Billboard Charts. Producer's Stadic beat's with Oral's unique saxophone delivery puts him in a class by himself. Soca Sax is executive produced by Mychael Reid, produced & mastered by Stadic and mix by Garvin Marcelle at GNote Studio. Thus far, the song has glowing reviews by DJ Palancer that said "Soca Sax" an amazing track! I'll definitely play on CiTR.CA 101.9 FM Vancouver Saturday 8-9 PST" and Gypsy Moon that said "great musicianship. The best part he is a prolific sight-reader. All-round musician with a bright tone".

Oral Rodriquez knows his new song "SOCA SAX is sure to keep the ladies hips moving and everyone dancing throughout any event". Soca Sax delivers a mix of Soca and Calypso with a Reggae underline strings, which makes the song ideal to be a top ten choice for all Festivals and Carnivals for the future. The riffs in the song will make anyone go from one dimension to the next, enjoying the movement and being on a classic high and releasing endorphin.

Overall, listen to the new song "Soca Sax" by Oral Rodriquez. Follow him on all his social media and streaming platforms. The world needs a great change in the music industry and Oral Rodriquez is a choice!

Video Soca Sax credits:

Artist: Oral Saxman Rodriguez

Title: Soca Sax - 2020 soca

Produced by: Stadic

Remixed by: Kenny Phillip

Composed by: Oral Saxman Rodriguez

Executive Producer: Mychael Reid

Publisher: Mychael Reid (AMJ Publishing Group)

Video Director: Mychael Reid

Video Editing: Kevin Mature

Dancers: Reminiscence Cultural Dance Group

Social & Steaming platforms:




soca sax Oral Rodriquez - AMJ Publishing/Stadic Studios

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