Who is Tequilarobb?

How did you start in the music business? I started out doing local rap contests in Texas and then stopped for a bit. I did a rap battle in Ohio and got second place a few years back. Then when I moved to Denver I decided to finally begin making some music and have made about 24 songs so far and have way more to come.

Who is Vlad & Song?

Vlad is a producer with a very impressive catalog for those Hip-Hop / Rap musicians who are looking for beats and high-quality production. Musicians who are looking for beats can listen to his entire catalog at Listen to his entire catalog and let us know your thoughts!

Vlad Zholik is a music producer from Warsaw, Poland, and he started creating music when he was 17 years old. For many years, it was a serious hobby without any financial backing. During the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent isolation, he turned back to creating music and was fortunate enough to acquire my first sales and clients. Since then, he has been growing as a music producer and expanding his list of clients. His main style of music is rap beats with a mix of different styles, often incorporating non-typical sounds.

This is Hitz-R-US

Hitz-R-Us DMV, is not your average music producer, songwriter, and composer. Born and raised in Washington, DC, he’s been heavily influenced by hip-hop, trap, world music, R&B soul, and alternative rock. By the age of 18, he became a self-proclaimed musical genius behind mesmerizing beats in his city. The music that he’s creating is driven by spiritual, motivational compositions along with hard-hitting 808-style drums. Having a passion for the 80’s sound era, he found a way to blend it with contemporary hip-hop. Being a fan of many genres of music he studied countless hours and even years to perfect his craft. He pushed further to pursue his dreams of becoming a major force on the music production side. He began studying music business theory and music production at the prestigious Omega Engineering School.

Who is Tevin Evans?

Tevin Evans is a producer, songwriter, and music engineer. For the past 10+ years, BNB Gibson and Tevin Evans have worked together. He's originally from Marand currently resides in Murfreesboro, TN. Music is a passion of his that he would do regardless of success. He has been fortunate to work with Grammy-nominated artists, producers, and engineers. Listen to his music and let us know your thoughts on Tevin Evans' sound. Listen to his music and let us know your thoughts.

Who is Soul Winna1?

Robert Hillman aka Soulwinna1 got the name from Proverbs 11:30 was born with a birth defect called "radial club hands." To the doctors and the world, he was labeled handicapped and told he would have difficulties using his arms in life. Robert's parents, however, knew that God had created him for greatness. American artist, songwriter, and music producer has opened up for some major artists and performed on two international tours. He's collaborated on songs with artists affiliated with Wu-Tang, Mickey Factz, Planet Asia, and several other well-known artists. Now, Soulwinna11 is ready to give hope around the world where hope was once lost by sharing the Good News through his music.  Listen to his music and let us know your thoughts.

Get to know Mcubed-Who Am I!

Brandon Johnson Aka Mcubed is originally from Tulsa, OK. He is currently based in Atlanta, GA

He is inspired by Hip Hop, R&B, Reggae, and Afrobeats for his music productions. What inspired him to create? "I would say the songs I create don’t come from me but through me. I find myself waking up in the middle of the night at times with catchy hooks that I record or write down before I forget".

His previous musical projects include his first single, Who Am I (Insight to M³ AKA Mcubed and his life story), Kickback (A get together with friends over a reverse guitar tempo), his Sound (Rap with a Reggae Hook), Laughable Flashback (Paying Homage to some of the most famous comedians), On My Body (Rap infused with R&B vocals), and Wind Down (An Afro-Beat with lyrical content)

Who is Dolla Beal?

Let us introduce you to Dolla Beal with his new track "Product of You". Listen to the track and let us know your thoughts.

Terrence Paul & Cocoa Boy Toyz here

Who is Terrence Paul & Cocoa Boy Toyz? He is a professional composer who would like to introduce himself to the world. Terrence Paul Miller is a singer and songwriter. Terrence Paul's newest artist is the "Cocoa Boy Toyz " a group of fine young musicians both Male & Female laying down a Fresh Euro Vibe & Sound.


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