Who is Bliz?

Ozuna, GIMS, Bliz Beats, and Arhbo remix which was featured on the FIFA World Cup 2022 Soundtrack. Listen to the track and let us know your thoughts. The track is hot!

Shafeeg Karadsheh A.K.A Bliz Beats resigned as Sr Security Engineering Manager for a major global hotel chain in July 2022 to pursue his passions as a full-time artist, composer, and music producer with his wife and 3 children. Bliz’s prior experience consisted of working with local artists, winner of Chicago’s standard producer's showcase, and sync placements on several major streaming platforms and networks, including Netflix, MTV, E!, Bravo, Discovery, and more. Bliz hopes to inspire change through his music and is seeking opportunities for artist placement or sync in Film, TV, commercials, and video games.

Let get to know who is Bos Beats!

Bos Beats' hot new track is out everywhere for the listening ears. Listen to the track and let us know your thoughts on this hot new track.

Bos Beats grew up and always like to be creative. He started playing the drums at about 13, He jammed with some other talented people but we always had different styles and went separate ways. He was taught the drums at about 16, the drum teacher showed me you can loop and pretty much be the whole band, which opened up a whole new world of music for me. He always loved big hip-hop drums and organic instruments like pianos and strings etc. He had 6 pro keyboards before he even got into using an interface through the computer and using daw to make music.

Asa Seamur Bey

Born in Port au Prince Haiti, raised in Boston Massachusetts, and now residing in Tampa Florida. Aboriginal | Asiatic | Moor Yahudah/Levi is a musician that has something to say! His genre is Lounge, House, and Down tempo. Listen to Asa Seamur Bey's tracks and lets us know your thoughts.

KeKeDreams -The Real Unicorn Artist of Music

The Real Unicorn Artist of Music -KekeDream's songs Murder and Million are something worth hearing. The smooth delivery over the hard beat makes tracks that would be great for clubs and chilling in one's car. Listen to the songs and let us know your thoughts.
The Real Unicorn Artist of Music. Upcoming multi-genre Female musician and entrepreneur. Chicago-born R&B/HipHop/Pop singer, rapper, songwriter & producer. She independently started her own music publishing business & digital distribution services for other independent music artists worldwide. Over 20 singles, 2 Eps, and 1 album released starting in 2020. 25,000 plus fans across all platforms. Over 275,000 streams on Spotify, about 25,000 views on VEVO, plus plays and views across other music platforms and social media sites.

Dr. Rick Boswell

Get to know Dr. Rick Boswell! Listen to his song "Somebody Stop Me" and let us know your thoughts.

Dr. Rick Boswell is an American producer, songwriter, and audio engineer who emerged from the Hampton, VA beat scene at the end of the 2000s, then gradually expanded his sound over the following decades, spanning hip-hop, electro-pop, house, and alternative R&B. His early releases, such as the 2012 full-length debut “The Waiting Room”, consisted of vibrant hip-hop instrumentals, filled with off-kilter beats and neon synths threaded with occasional eclectic sounds and other instruments.

Get to know Voyce Butler!

Voyce Butler was born in Chicago, Illinois. The army veteran has been singing since he was only 6 years old. Through all the ups and downs of life, he has been on the grind to improve his craft, create his own sound, and consolidate a career in music. Currently, Voyce is flying high with his single release “Stay”. Listen to the song and let us know your thoughts.

What is the update on Babe you are mine summer mix?

The Babe you are mine summer mix has been picked up by many radio stations and clubs. Phil Joseph did a fantastic job on the production and delivery of this song. Now that the song has been picked up for heavy rotation on radios, call your local radio stations and request "Babe you are mine summer". Listen to the track and let us know your thoughts.

Desmond Lewis is on the rise

Desmond Lewis was born and raised in Mullins, South Carolina. He has been blessed to have music on both sides of his family. He has always had a love for music and he knew that one day he would pursue a career in music. Desmond just never knew what my position in music would be. Over the years, I have developed as a musician and a music producer. He has gained a perspective that embraces many genres. When he makes music, he makes it from the heart. He tries to tell my story and give my perspective on the music he creates.


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