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Apple Music Promotions is an advertising and marketing device provided by Apple Music that allows artists to promote their tracks to a wider audience. With this service, artists can create campaigns that target particular demographics and expand their visibility on the platform. Apple Music Promotions provides a variety of features, including playlist placements, social media promotion, and electronic mail marketing. These features are all designed to help artists get their tracks seen and build their fan base.

Apple Music Promotions can help you gain a track career in many ways. By utilizing this service, you can extend your visibility on the platform and reach a wider audience. This can lead to more streams, downloads, and income from your music, as well as a multiplied fan engagement and social media following. Additionally, Apple Music Promotions can assist you in building relationships with business experts and others which can lead to expanded possibilities and collaborations. Overall, Apple Music Promotions can be a game-changer for your music industry and help you succeed in the aggressive entertainment industry.

Submit your Music

Making sure music and promotions stragety is excecute properly.Simply doing it the right way!

To submit your music for Apple Music Promotions, you must first have your music available on the Apple Music platform. Once your music is live on the platform, you can submit it for consideration by filling out the Apple Music for Artists application. This application requires information about your music, including the genre, release date, and any notable features or collaborations.

You will also need to provide links to your social media profiles and any press coverage or reviews of your music. Once you have submitted your application, Apple Music will review your music and notify you if you have been selected for promotion.


Optimizing service

Tips for optimizing your music for Apple Music Promotions..

To increase your chances of being selected for Apple Music Promotions, there are a few things you can do to optimize your music. First, make sure your music is high-quality and professionally produced.

Second, choose a genre that is popular on the platform and fits your style. Third, collaborate with other artists or producers who have a strong following on Apple Music. Finally, promote your music on social media and other platforms to increase your visibility and engagement. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of success with Apple Music Promotions.

Reaching Worldwide Audience

Apple Music's global reach and user base.

One of the biggest benefits of using Apple Music for marketing and promotions is the platform's global reach and large user base. With over 60 million subscribers worldwide, Apple Music provides independent artists with a massive audience to showcase their music to. Additionally, Apple Music is available in over 167 countries, giving artists the opportunity to reach fans all over the world. This global reach can be especially beneficial for independent artists who may not have the resources or connections to promote their music on a large scale.

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Itunes Hits - Apple Music Promotions

Launch your Music Right

To enlarge your probability of being chosen for Apple Music Promotions, there are a few things you can do to optimize your music. First, make sure your song is excellent and professionally produced.

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    Send us you itune artist page link and all social media details such Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal and more..

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    We need .MP3 of the song your wanting to promote, Cover Art/Picture and your Bio! Any press coverage can help as well.

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    Email: All Required information to Longe(@) or send us download link via dropbox or alike. 


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Pricing for Apple Music Promotions

Basic $299 /20 days
     Press Release Distribution
    Itunes downloads
    Video Marketing
     Radio Submission + DJ Submission
     Targeted Plays on Spotify with ROI (Return on Investment)
     Targeted Plays on Google Play with ROI (Return on investment)
     Article Submission Service
     Content Writing
     Banner Ad Creation
      Infographic Creation
     Content Translation Directory
     Submission Service Guest Post
     Submission Classified Ads
     Submission Link Outreach Service
     Yahoo Answers Service
     Blog Submission
     Service Search Engine Submission
     Email Blast
     Professional Ads Created
    Hubpages Hub Creation
Silver $699/60 days
    Press Release Distribution
    Increase Itunes downloads
    Video Marketing Services
    Radio Submission + DJ Submission
    Targeted Plays on Spotify with ROI (Return on Investment)
     Targeted Plays on Google Play with ROI (Return on investment)
     Article Submission Service
     Content Writing
     Banner Ad Creation
     Infographic Creation
     Content Translation
     Directory Submission Service
     Guest Post Submission
    &bbso;Classified Ads Submission
     Link Outreach Service
     Yahoo Answers Service
     Blog Submission Service
     Search Engine Submission
     Hubpages Hub Creation
     Email Blast
     Professional Ads Created
      Radio Commercial Created
     acebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram Marketing
     SEO and Local Marketing
     Interview Posted and Marketed on iTunes Exposure
     Increase Streams on 2 Platfoms

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Apple Music Promotions?

You get more for you money with apple music promotions. Apple music play more than spotify for streaming not mention you will also increase downloads, potentially get charted and make more from your music.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit card, (Visa, Mastercard, AMex and Discover) We also accept   Cash App,   Zelle, Wire, Check and Paypal. You can simply ask for a custom invoice if you chose not pay directly online.

Can I Get Apple Music Promotions analytics?

Yes. Apple Music also offers a powerful analytics tool for independent artists. This tool provides detailed insights into how fans are engaging with an artist’s music, including information on streams, downloads, and playlist adds. Artists can use this information to better understand their audience and tailor their marketing and promotional efforts to reach more fans.

Can I Get Exclusive content and premieres?

Apple Music also offers independent artists the opportunity to release exclusive content and premieres. This can include new songs, music videos, and even full albums. This would be additonal cost to the package, base on needs.   

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  Increase your music streams on all major music.  Increase your fanbase on Facebook, Twitter, Instagra, Youtub and more.     Rapidiously visualize optimal ROI on your music. Use Apple Music Promotions that works I 347-762-6797

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