Music Promotions and Marketing

As a musician, it's not enough to simply create great music. You also need to promote and market your work effectively to build a loyal fanbase and grow your career. From social media strategies to live performances, there are many ways to get your music out there and connect with your audience. Here are some expert tips for successful music promotions and marketing.

Music Promotions

Music features

Guaranteed Radio Airplay

50+Spins /Per week, 150+Spins /Per week, 600+Spins /campaign min., SUBMIT MUSIC TO STATION PANEL, 30 Days, Social Media Marketing, 1000 Spotify Streams, 10,000 Soundcloud Streams,Press release 10 Locations. Starts @ $199

Amazon Music Promotions

1). Make more money than others methods 2. Reach new audiences 3) Build relationships with fans. 4) Amazon Pays High Royalties 5) Get published music review 6) Promotions completed within 5-7 Business Days.
Starts @ $20

Spotify Promotions

Build a fanbase Get more monthly listens Get more following Get added to the right playlists Get royalties from premium listeners Get on the High-End DJ playlists Social Media Marketing Search Engine Optimization

Starts @ $20 

Tidal Promotions

Tidal music promotion increases streaming numbers and gets chart and ranking within your genre. We manage playlists daily. If your music is good you will see great improvements.
Starts @ $100

Audiomack Promotions

Increase streaming numbers, likes, music repost, playlist adds and followers. Audiomack promotion is another medium that will grow your audience and get royalities for your music.
Starts @ $20

Dezeer Promotions

Deezer is another medium that artists tents to overlook that is great for a musician's career. The royalties are great though a lot of artists disregard Deezer's platforms. Build more fans and stream more music.

Starts @ $20 

Apple Music Promotion Starts @ $299

To submit your music for Apple Music Promotions, you must first have your music available on the Apple Music platform. Once your music is live on the platform, you can submit it for consideration by filling out the Apple Music for Artists application. This application requires information about your music, including the genre, release date, and any notable features or collaborations. You will also need to provide links to your social media profiles and any press coverage or reviews of your music. Once you have submitted your application, Apple Music will review your music and notify you if you have been selected for promotion. 

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