10 Ways to Promote Your Apple Artist Page

iPhone app development?

Here's a list of ten ways to get started.
If you're an aspiring musician who wants to make money off of your music, then you need to start promoting yourself. There are plenty of ways to do so, but here are some tips to help you get started.
1. Create a website
2. Start posting on Facebook
3. Post on Twitter
4. Get involved with other musicians
5. Join groups related to your genre
6. Make sure your profile picture is professional
7. Add links to your website and social media profiles
8. Send out press releases
9. Write articles for blogs
10. Ask fans to share your posts

Music Promotions for Your Business

Music promotion is an important part of any musician’s career. Whether you're promoting yourself or another artist, these tips will help you get the attention you deserve.

5 Ways to Generate More Radio Airplay with Your Music

Radio stations often use a combination of factors when deciding which songs to play. These include how many times the song has been played in the past, how well the song fits into the station's format, and whether the song is popular enough to warrant playing again.

Rihanna's 25 Biggest Billboard Hot 100 Hits

Rihanna was born in Barbados, raised in London, and now lives in Los Angeles. Her music career began when she signed with Def Jam Recordings at age 17 and left the label five years later.

Meek Mill Just Dropped - God Did

The latest music from Meek Mill is called God Did. Throughout the track, it seems as though Meek is struggling with a few things in his life. He talks a lot about what happened in his life in the last year. He has this part of the song where he rhymes and it sounds as if he did not come up for air. The track bars were delivered without a hitch. Meek seems like he is in a rap battle with himself. Kanye West is actually being dissed for selling his soul for money, and he just continues to talk about what's being said about him. Give "God Did" a listen and understand where Meek Mill is coming from. The song was released on Dream Chasers Records. The track is a freestyle delivery from the Flamerz V Mixtape. Listen to the track and let us know your thoughts.

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