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Tips for Managing Work Life and Home Life as an Entrepreneur


Tips for Managing Work Life and Home Life as an Entrepreneur

The art of balancing work and home life has always been difficult to perfect. In fact, perfecting this balance is simply not possible. Learning ways to manage the two and still be somewhat successful at either is a more likely task to accomplish or master. For an entrepreneur, the quest for home and work life balance poses a few more unique challenges; but it can be done. As an entrepreneur, you can’t blame the boss for making you late for child’s soccer game or a special dinner. You also can’t go to the office and say you are late because you and your wife had a problem with one of the kids if it is not the case. As an entrepreneur, it all falls on you. You are the boss, the ship’s captain, all success and failure at either your career or home may very well rest entirely on your shoulders. While this fact alone may scare you out of even trying to balance the two worlds, don’t let it. Balance and managing both worlds effectively can be done.


Both worlds require energy, dedication, passion and time. When you are an entrepreneur and you have a family, you need support. It is vital that your family at home supports your entrepreneurial pursuits and can provide real meaningful encouragement. As for those involved in your work venture, they must also support the fact that you do have a home life and attention needs to be on them for some period of time. You need both to also believe in your vision and success enough to help you make it a reality. Without the support of a work team, your family may resent being tossed to the wayside just as your work team may also resent any time you focus on your family. If your family doesn’t understand, believe or support your venture, your success will feel empty and it will undoubtedly be harder to come by.


Aside from seeking and acquiring support from everyone involved, in order to properly balance the two worlds, you need to be organized. You have to avoid clutter and chaos on both fronts. You need to be decisive enough to cut out any distractions or things in your life that are an obstacle to having a successful business and a successful family. Keep papers, books, plans, accounts, correspondences, or anything physical that pertains to your entrepreneurial quest separate from your family life and belongings, and vice versa. Make a point of not mixing the two or combining resources that even may benefit the other. This will only lead to confusion and a blurring of the lines between work and home, even if both are physically in the same dwelling.


When you venture out as an entrepreneur, especially from your home base or office, and you still want to maintain an obviously significant role in your family life, you have to literally be able to separate the two. Draw very precise and distinct boundaries between work and home. This takes a great deal of discipline, as does everything for a successful entrepreneur. Stick to set times that are dedicated to each and do not let time with one encroach onto the other. If you have set office or work hours from home, everyone involved must understand and respect that it is work time for you. It can be very difficult to not let the lines blur or to always feel like you are fully there for both your entrepreneur goals and your family; but it takes that very specific level of discipline to make either work.

Finally, when looking for the best tips in order to successfully manage home life and your work life, you have to be realistic. No one person can do everything that needs done on either fronts. Learn to be comfortable delegating responsibility. If you truly have the understanding and support of those on both sides, they will be more than willing to pick up the slack or step in when you need them. Also, do not lose sight of the big picture. See the success of both worlds and see the rewards of both being successful. Visualize yourself as a successful entrepreneur and the freedom and sense of accomplish that brings with it. Also see yourself as a valued and fully involved member of your family at home. People often underestimate the time and dedication involved in both work and home. Put in the real time and effort, reap the rewards, and learn to sit back for a moment and truly appreciate and enjoy both your family life and your work life as an entrepreneur.


Last modification: Wed 10 Aug 2011

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