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E-Reader War: Kindle vs. iPad vs. Nook

E-Reader War: Kindle vs. iPad vs. Nook

Modern technology has taken our society in so many different directions. It is hard to imagine what our lives would be like without the internet, lap tops, and other modern devices that have only been around a few years; yet they are changing the way we do virtually everything. Modern technology is revolutionizing the way we read also. Reading a classic novel, new best seller, or our favorite magazine can be done all online now. While we have been able to download and read text on our computers for some time, new devices that are specifically for reading are growing in sales and upping the ante for every tech company trying to keep up. E-reader devices, as they are referred to, have sold millions. 5 Million devices are expected to be sold next year alone.


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What are the Benefits of an Online Library

The tradition of going to the library once a week and checking out a book is still alive and well. The art of researching the card catalog to find a specific source for a research paper is also still alive and well. However, technology has changed these practices a little for some, and a lot for others.

Is Getting an Online Degree the Same as Going to Classes

In the last decade, the trend towards furthering education online has grown by leaps and bounds. As technology advances at a record pace, it is not only becoming easier to further your education online, but more acceptable. For some, furthering education online is the only way they can get it done.

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