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Musician? Do you want to make CMJ and Billboard

What will the CMJ and Billboard charts do for Musician?

Using the right marketing plan can allow a musician to be successful without having to pick up a job to cover living expenses. Patience is never an easy task when one knows their music is great, and the world should hear true talent. When Musicians listen to their great creation of which only a few have heard because of an industry that is so populated with talentless Artist, it makes your heart break into pieces.  Musicians must find the right marketing plan to get to the next level. The dream in your head telling you that your music is going to be famous because your music is so great. But the big break is not coming after years of hard work, and you just can't understand what is really going.

What are you doing to make your music stand out in the overcrowded market?  Most musicians these days will not get a deal unless they have millions of hits on Youtube,  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition to having a dominant social media presence, it also important to make it on the CMJ and Billboard charts. How can that happen? A musician should still follow the grass route method in making their music still find out the stations that report music, and get on the station's playlist.

While researcher, Something came across my search, this service offered such a great service, it had to be tested and it produces great results. For twenty-five ($25) a musician can submit one song which is submitted to well need CMJ and Billboard Radio stations. They even sent back a tracking report of the results which were not a part of the package deal.

So what is College Music Journal (CMJ)? (CMJ) is the primary source for exclusive charts of non-commercial and school car radio airplay. The CMJ University Radio Network is a community of hundreds of both on-air and online school and non-commercial car radio stations throughout North America and beyond. CMJ attaches music fans and music industry professionals with the best lawn mowers of new music through online media. They give you a digital music discovery service, information resources and community to songs fans, professionals, and artists. Are you ready for this test drive? visit

What is Billboard? Billboard charts tabulate the relative weekly popularity of songs or albums in the US and elsewhere. The results are published online Billboard magazine and provides weekly charts. The charts are dedicated to all genres. The charts can be ranked according to sales, streams or airplay, and for main song charts such as the Hot 100 song chart. Billboard chart, streams, and track sales are included in addition to album sales Are you ready for this test drive? visit

The life of stars is next level, especially when you have the "Hottest Chic"!

The new song "Hottest Chic" by TQ100 is on its way up, a unique sound towards reggae music is always an amazing contribution to in itself.

TQ100 was born in Kingston, Jamaica West Indies. TQ100 education started from the days of Balmagie primary school. oddly enough, it was located relatively close to one of the most legendary and very popular Dance Hall reggae studios in Jamaica. The one and only  "King Jammys" Studio. This was how He was first introduced to the world of Dance Hall Reggae music.

It wasn't until at the age of 14 when he was attending Calabar High School (one of the most famous colleges in Jamaica) that he started to reveal his talent as an artist. Especially in music class.
He was also able to Graduate with certificate passes of seven subjects (4 C.X.C 's and 3 G.C.E O' levels).

TQ100 is now residing in Valley Stream, New York in the U.S.A. and was able to command the same level of respect from the locals there with his lyrical abilities. He was often requested to perform at events that will only enhance his motivation of becoming a household name in the reggae industry.

He was able to take advantage of the many new opportunities in America that he was not able to reach in Jamaica. At this present time, he is now a song writer, an artist, a composer, a recording engineer, a mixing engineer, a producer of his own music, a promoter of his own music and a world wide distributor of his own music. Everything that you hear, in all of his songs, was created by him. His present goal, for music, is to become the best in every department.

Romeo Miller is on the set of Bad Boys III stars

Watching Romeo Miller growing up, one must say they are proud of this young man. Romeo was compared to rapper BOW WOW in the young rap category. But now, Romeo is the front-runner in every sense of the word. He is now teaming up with Will Smith and Martin Lawerence for the upcoming bad boy III.  This will be a highly anticipated movie.

He has been one of the few rappers that have made a great transition from musician to movies. Romeo is more than a triple threat.  Easy on the high and he takes the big screen seriously. With the Bad Boy's previous movies earned over $622 Million Worldwide who would not want to be a part of something so great. The Franchise that gave us "Bad Boys for Life". Congratulation to Romeo Miller and we look forward to seeing you do a great Job!

Introducing R.P ENT MUSIC GROUP production with two new hits Remaness and Stupido!

So, have you ever sat in your car, wondering where good hip hop went? Well, let's introduce some talent with R.P Entertainment Group, as one would listen to these songs, they would believe we are going back to the roots when people put some thoughts in their music and what they are distributing to the world. But then again, everyone has they owe beliefs, and opinions.  But suggested nonetheless, these songs are about to do something with the rebirth of a good part of hip-hop music.

r.p ENT MUSIC GROUP Productions Up in coming to artist Ez aka mumu hells from Columbus Ohio street urban fresh new style of music original been doing music for can remember come from a family of music but the only to take it up a level performer artist-writer looking forward to movies maybe in future. Working always New Music coming soon .mixtape the introduction finishing up, Album coming soon for booking or features

Social Media Info:

Drew Scott Simple

Born in Chandler, AZ and raised in Sacramento, CA, Drew Scott, is a two-time Grammy nominated producer, singer-songwriter. Also known as "Druski", Drew Scott has had the pleasure of working with the likes of Fantasia "Ain't All Bad", Teyana Taylor “It Could Just Be Love”, Tori Kelly, Michelle Williams "Love Gun", Luke James and Bridget Kelly (I.O.U. Remix), Trinitee 5:7 "Some Kind of Amazing", Jason Derulo, Zendaya “Fireflies” and most notably Dawn Richard whom he's served as the Executive Producer of her critically acclaimed projects "Armor On", "Whiteout" and "Goldenheart".

Greg Holsey New Song "The One"

Gregg Holsey began his musical career when he started playing the bass guitar while in his early teens Growing up in the rich musical environment of Detroit , Michigan put Gregg on the fast track becoming a successful bassist.
Before he turned eighteen he had developed a hand injury and had13 operations but never quit. Gregg had the skills and talent to perform with many of Detroit 's top recording artists.The experience of working with such dedicated and professional musicians allowed Gregg to further develop his skills as a bassist,songwriter, producer, and vocalist.Gregg's reputation as a professional, dependable, and solid bass player led to his extensive work around the world.

After relocating to Los Angeles,California in 1990 Greg was offered the bassist/vocalist position in the house band at Gary 's Motown Nightclub in Nagoya,Japan.What began as a three month night club assignment, transformed into a fifteen year music career in Asia . Along with extensive touring with Japan 's best artist, a highlight of his career was a performance for the King of Thailand,who is also an accomplished saxophonist.The king requested the inclusion of Gregg's bass grooves as the foundation for six of the tracks on his CD.Following the completion of the CD in Thailand,Gregg took his production expertise to Malaysia where he co-produced a CD for Malaysia 's number 1 singing group,4you2see. While in Malaysia he also produced commercials for Northwestern Airlines.

In 2005 Gregg realized he needed the creative inspiration that could only be found back in the States.First he moved to Sacramento , California to record and work for blues vocalist/ guitarist, Mark La mountain. Then he moved back to his hometown of Detroit,Michigan to record his R&B smooth jazz CD,Music For The Soul. While in Detroit Gregg formed his own record label, Komaki Records. He recently recorded his second CD title Believe. In order to support his recent release Gregg has assembled an exceptionally talented 7 piece band featuring some of the hottest musicians in Detroit . Listen out for Gregg Holsey and participate in musical history in the making.

New Music Best of IN BETWEEN'...feat. Mira Veda Called "Drive My Baby Home"

A tune from the producer of the dance tracks; 'Put Some Funk in your Shoes' and 'Fairytale' (IN BETWEEN). A fantastic exotic vocalist..."... "Mira balanced it (the album!)...nicely with this (fresh) pop tune"... whenever I hear this on my car-stereo, I just can't help myself... it's so uplifting... so easy to sing-along!

ARTIST: 'Best of IN BETWEEN'...feat. Mira Veda.

TITLE TRACK: 'Drive My Baby Home'


Time Zone International Records (TZIR) is here!

Time Zone International Records(TZIR) was established in 2012 with the purpose to help independent artists. The CEO & Owner is Marlon Calder.

TZIR wants independent artists to understand how to make a career out of being a musician.

The company has many divisions including but not limited to the following; Underground Railroad (URR), No Phear, TZIR Merchanding, and others.

Mr. Calder said; "Time is a measurement that everyone lives by and music is an international language that everyone understands.”  As the CEO Mr.Calder is determined to become successful with TZIR talented musicians that is a part of the organization.

Time Zone International Records is an independent record label that includes artists, songwriters, producers, and engineers. The label prides itself that it caters to all genres of music.

However, It is Mr. Calder's vision to see Reggae & Dancehall not only fused with hip-hop and other genres but more so for this genre to be mainstream and respected around the world.

The company has now teamed up with 15-years veteran Renee Terrelonge owner of Terrelonge Recordings and Longe Management company to foster new artist to its roster.

Time Zone International Records (TZIR) roster includes No Phear, Blam Nation, Venomous Touch, Young Jazz, Jay Varsity, and Buck Million. Under the direction of the Mr.Calder, the company artists collectively streamed over 500 Million streams on Spotify, SoundCloud, google play, Napster, Tidal and more.

Mr. Calder goals are to find talented artists to sign and allow them to share their talent with the world. The teaming up of Mr.Calder and Ms.Terrelonge the expectations and delivery can only be as it should become a reckoning force in the music industry.

For more information on the organization, one can visit:
Twitter:  @timezoneinternationalrecords

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