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I Have a Great Idea for a Business


I Have a Great Idea for a Business

There is certainly no shortage of great ideas out there. Almost everyone has one at one time or another. Most great ideas fall to the wayside and never amount to anything more than just a thought. However, there is the rare occasion when a great idea does translate to a great business.

The first thing to do when you have a great idea for a business is to get up and do something. Do not wait. Too often, people with great ideas think the time isn’t right. They want to wait until they have more time, more money, more support. Waiting is the quickest way to lose out. It is only a matter of time before someone takes your very same idea and runs with it.

After you decide to go for it, give it all of the resources you can muster. You must do your homework. Researching your market and knowing the facts and numbers behind your potential market and target audience will serve as great motivation. Once you establish that there is a real need and your idea can successfully fill a void, you will be even more inspired to take the leap from idea to reality. You can easily research your idea online, at your local library, and through your local chamber of commerce. Be careful not to invest all of your time and energy into research. This can actually backfire. Many times, someone with a great idea can become discouraged if they research too much. They can become overwhelmed and nearly paralyzed with fear.

Once you have the motivation and vision, and your research supports your gut feeling that this great idea can translate into a great business, you have to do the actual leg work of starting a business. While this alone may seem monumental, there are many tools available to help even the most novice business owner. Take advantage of any tools you can find that will help you put together a concise and clear business plan.

A business plan will help you look and feel more professional and is necessary to seeking funding for your business idea. A business plan will establish what licensing requirements you need and will establish your idea as a legal entity. This will give validity to your business and aid in tax issues. A business plan will allow you to hire employees and help you put forth a logical marketing plan. It will also establish what kind of capital or funding you will tap into to get the business off the ground.

Once you have the bare bones of a plan and still feel that excitement and motivation to make your idea a reality, you have to keep moving forward. Letting up for an instant will only give your competition a leg up. You have to constantly be aware of competition that can wreak havoc on your business before you even get it off the ground.

Look for support. No one has ever done all of the work alone from idea to grand opening. If you truly believe your idea is incredible enough to put all of your time and money into, you should be able to convey that to others. You will need to tap into support from family and friends. While they may not be able to financially help you get the business off the ground, emotional support for your venture will help you keep going when you do run into a glitch-which you will. Also, tap into professional resources that may be willing to help you and advise you when your business is in its infancy. Guidance and support are critical to being successful.

Overall, you have to truly believe your idea is not just great, but greater than what anyone else has tried or is trying. Once you know the market is there and you have a solid plan and support system in place, all there is left to do is get up and get it done. Every great business has started out as a spark, an idea someone couldn’t just let pass by. There is no reason your great idea can’t become a great business right before your eyes.


Last modification: Wed 10 Aug 2011

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