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I Hate Working for Other People; but I'm Not Sure I am the Entrepreneur Type

I Hate Working for Other People; but I’m Not Sure I am the Entrepreneur Type

Everyone dreams about being the boss someday. In fact, very few people truly enjoy working for someone, following their rules, their policies, their schedules and their deadlines. However, just because you do not like or even hate working for other people doesn't necessarily mean you have the ability or even the real desire to be an entrepreneur. It is important to know for sure that you are the entrepreneur type before you quit your day job and set out to be your own boss.

Most people assume all there is to being an entrepreneur is the desire to be the boss and to do it your way. There is a lot more involved in being a successful entrepreneur. One of the main characteristics of being an entrepreneur is having a keen instinct for identifying a problem and coming up with a solution. Basically, you have to be the kind of person who has always wanted to build a better mouse trap, as the saying goes. The overwhelming desire to not only solve the problem, but having the belief you can do it better than everyone else is a key trait of all entrepreneurs.


Entrepreneurs are natural risk takers. Setting out on their own is a risk enough for some people. Entrepreneurs believe so strongly in what they want and can accomplish that they have no choice but to take the risk. They are so motivated and focused by their desire to see their vision through, they will risk everything.

The personality of an entrepreneur does not necessarily mean they think they are the best person for every job. They know they must wear different hats and take on different roles in the company or project they are trying to get off the ground. They are also able to recognize when they are not able to give one of those roles their best and will seek out those who can do it better. They are confident in their ability to tackle and deal with problems, yet smart enough to seek the guidance of others who are better equipped to deal with an issue.

If you enjoy down time and have dreams of relaxing in the sun on a beach somewhere, chances are you are not truly the entrepreneur type. Entrepreneurs never stop. They do not enjoy down time. Once one problem is solved or one goal accomplished, they are looking out for the next goal or project. They need to do something and focus on a task. More importantly, they need to do it their way. They are naturally energetic, enterprising and resourceful; therefore inspiring to others around them. This motivation and need to be doing something or working towards something consumes them. It is not something they can turn off or even regulate. When they are on a down swing or in between projects, they become uneasy and tense. They will never be happy sitting around letting others do the work.

Some also automatically assume all entrepreneurs are dreamers. While they are in an essence, they are also realist. They can be idealistic without being spacey. They want the facts and stick to real world scenarios and goals. This ability to act as a realist gives them the ability to adapt when real world problems arise.

As for their interpersonal skills and how they treat others, entrepreneurs do not have overly inflated egos. They will look to others, and recognize the talents and contributions of others also. However, they are not warm and fuzzy either. They are not overly concerned with people’s feelings and will cut someone loose if they are bringing the business down. This may make them seem insensitive; but they just are not empathetic people. They see the goal and whether someone is an asset or a hindrance to accomplishing that goal.

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Overall, entrepreneurs are leaders not followers. They will never be satisfied not working towards their goal and seeing their hard work pay off. The desire to not work for someone else is not all it takes to truly be an entrepreneur. Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” He did it and made his dream a reality and that hard work and perseverance is truly what made him such a successful and admirable entrepreneur.

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