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How to Know If It Is the Right Time to Start a Business

The mere thought of throwing caution to the wind, walking out on your current job and starting your own business from scratch can be both thrilling and paralyzing. At one time or another, many people have had an idea pop into their heads leaving them with the fleeting thought that they should start a business.

Whether it is an idea for a new product, a quicker way to do something, or simply a better way to make an already existing product, these flickers of genius are often forgotten the next day. There is a distinct category of people who do not let these ideas flutter away. They act on them. They are entrepreneurs. For those out there who want to join this club of doers, you may realistically wonder if and when starting your own business is a good idea or a one way ticket to failure. Many factors play a role in the final decision to take the leap of starting your own business.

Before you know it is the right time, you need to be realistic about your dedication to the outcome. Knowing if it is the right time for your start up means you have to be sure you are ready to give it the time and effort needed to succeed. You have to honestly know whether you are willing to give up a steady paycheck or possible pension to pursue your dream. It may help you make this decision if you realize that no job in today’s market is truly safe. Everyone is vulnerable and at risk of being without the financial security they are accustomed to. If you are willing to dedicate the time to make your business more than just a part time hobby and also willing to suspend dependable and reliable pay, it may be the right time for you.

Another factor in deciding if it is the right time to start your own business is your willingness to take risk. If you are the kind of person who needs reassurance that your business will succeed, starting your own right now may not be a positive step. You have to personally feel certain in your ability to make decisions without knowing the outcome. Generally speaking, you have to be capable of assuming the risk of failure and still muster the strength to go forward with the business plan. You are probably ready to start your own business if you can see potential failure as not the end, but a first try.

Before you can know it is the right time for a business startup, you must know your market. Fierce research into the marketability of your new business is necessary. You will have to pool your resources together and tap into your close network of associates. Openly ask for support and advice from your connections. Make sure you are able to utilize their expertise either through shared knowledge or financial backing. You should also research the viability for your startup. Having ingrained knowledge of the market area you are going to be in is an asset. You must obtain hard copy of how your product or business will be received. Market research in the form of statistical analysis or polls will help you know ahead of time if there is a substantial consumer base to work with.

Take into account the local economic climate of the area you wish to start your business in before you decide it is the right time. While the national or global economy may provide some indicators, some local areas will put forth vastly differing economic status reports. Check the local trends in business, the availability of credit in the area, rental and real estate factors and consumer demand on a local scale. If your business or product has potential national or global appeal, you may be able to go forth and tap into foreign markets despite local economic indicators for demand.

Successful entrepreneurs have a few things in common. Knowing these characteristics and sharing in these philosophies will tell you if it is the right time for you to start your own business. They keep trying and recover from previous mistakes. They also exhibit ability to change and flow with new concepts and ideas. If you feel certain that you have done the research needed, assessed the risk potential, are willing to give it all the time and energy necessary, and can creatively pool your resources and connection together for support, it is the right time to start your own business.

Last modification: Sun 12 Feb 2012

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