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I was born a Virgo - Adriel Arabia

Adriel Arabia is a professional musician who works in the music industry. In addition to 103.7 DA BEAT ROCKFORD, IL, BIGGS RADIO - INDIANAPOLIS, Urban 100 RADIO BALTIMORE, V-100 RICHMOND, WDGR TAMPA, WDOM HOUSTON, WILD 98, VIBE 106, Radio Wigwam, United Kingdom, Amazing Radio USA, the song "I was born a Virgo" is in heavy rotation on many other radio stations.  The song "I Was Born A Virgo" by Adriel was ranked among the Top 10 in her genre on iTunes (Apple Music Charts). Please request the song " I Was Born a Virgo" on your favorite radio station.


The latest music from PartyNextDoor called "Her Old Friends" was released by OVO Sound. Listen to the song and watch the video and let us know your thoughts.

New Music by Bigg Feva feat. Blaq Thompson

Introducing music by Bigg Feva featuring Blaq Thompson called Make Me Feel Like released under Soul Star Entertainment and Primary Entertainment International. Listen to the music and see the official video.

Popcaan feat. Drake

New music from Popcaan feating Drake called We Caa Done under OVO Sound records! Listen to the music below and let us know your thoughts.

Pheelz new song Ballin

Pheelz's new song Ballin is out now. The song is on commercial and college radio and is aiming for chart success. The song is a mixture of hip-hop and Afrobeat. To the listening ears, the following has a bit of reggae. The song was released by DC Talent Agency and Warner Records. Listen to the song below and let us know your thoughts.

Fetty Wap New Music Called Sweet Yamz

Introducing music by Fetty Wap called Sweet Yamz. Fretty Wap is trying to sing on this track, it's unbelievable what they think is appropriate music these days. Almost the entire song is synthesized, and it's awful, to say the least. However, they will still get a view of overwhelming promotions, so the chart will continue. This is the type of song they will play and play until it gets into your head and you cannot do anything about it. Where are we going to hear quality material? The song "Sweet Yamz" is released under RGF Productions and 300 Entertainment. Listen to the song below and let us know your thoughts on this song!

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Who is Ray-Eye

Ray-Eye's "Dittle" is gaining a lot of traction. There are positive reviews on the radio, in clubs, and from DJs. It's a well-done recording with stellar vocal performances. The beat is unique and has a different sound, which is exactly what the industry needs at this moment. Listen to the track at or if you love it and want to add it to your playlist.

Blvck Ash new music

Homeless is a new album by Blvck Ash, where he raps about going through homelessness and the experience as a whole. Blvck Ash is an advocate for the homeless and he brings about homeless awareness in his music. He also raps about mental health problems through past experiences. Blvck Ash is a Minneapolis/Saint Paul, MN, and Chicago, IL-based artist. Listen to new music and let us know your thoughts on Blvck Ash.

Who is Swanga Swang?

About his passion for music and how he is versatile when it comes to creating music of many different genres! Like R&B\Hip Hop and Country. Swanga Swang is a singer-songwriter rapper from Texas who started out singing in church. At the age of 12, he joined a gospel group along with his brother, cousins, and friends. In his teen years they would set up shows and concerts, and rent buildings to perform.

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