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Let's get to know Clark Ford!
Celebrate the sun Clark Ford

Let's get to know Clark Ford!

Clark Ford is a multi-genre songwriter who has recently released two pop songs that everyone should love. Both songs were written by Clark Ford (music and lyrics), and recorded by Underground Treehouse. Here are two songs, #1 "I Won't Give Up On You" and #2 "Celebrate The Sun." Listen to them below and let us know what you think.

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Clark Ford is an award-winning songwriter from California, living in Iowa. He writes songs in several genres, including pop, country, rock, sacred, jazz, and blues. He has released several albums. His first album was released in 2018, entitled "In My Heart" (pop/country/rock relationship songs). One of the songs from that album, "You Make Me Happy" was featured in the 2020 Audio Drama "The Spring of Prince Syndrome." His second album (country, pop, and sacred anthems) entitled "Anthem" in 2019 includes the award-winning song "Spiderwebs In My Hair" (winner of the 2018 Dallas Songwriters Association award for Novelty song).

His recent album of country songs, released in 2021, is entitled "You're The Perfect One" and includes "In Your Eyes," nominated for a Josie Music Award (2021). Another song from that album, "I Don't Want To Work Today" was picked for a Spotify/M&Ms curated playlist of 20 songs about work, advertised on packages of M&Ms candies. The Grammy awards have accepted many of Clark's songs on the first ballot. Clark's songs have been recorded by Underground Treehouse, Nashville, featuring a variety of singers.

Clark Ford Clark Ford

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