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Pheelz new song Ballin

Pheelz's new song Ballin is out now. The song is on commercial and college radio and is aiming for chart success. The song is a mixture of hip-hop and Afrobeat. To the listening ears, the following has a bit of reggae. The song was released by DC Talent Agency and Warner Records. Listen to the song below and let us know your thoughts.

Fetty Wap feat. Wiz Khalifa - Sweet Yamz

Fetty Wap is back on the scene with "Sweet Yamz featuring Wiz Khalifa". Overall, why are we forced to listen to the same type of music over and over again? When is the music scene gonna explode for that one artist that makes a difference? We look forward to the next big song, but in the meantime listen below to "Sweet Yamz". Longe' is waiting to hear your comments and feedback.

Meek Mill Just Dropped - God Did

The latest music from Meek Mill is called God Did. Throughout the track, it seems as though Meek is struggling with a few things in his life. He talks a lot about what happened in his life in the last year. He has this part of the song where he rhymes and it sounds as if he did not come up for air. The track bars were delivered without a hitch. Meek seems like he is in a rap battle with himself. Kanye West is actually being dissed for selling his soul for money, and he just continues to talk about what's being said about him. Give "God Did" a listen and understand where Meek Mill is coming from. The song was released on Dream Chasers Records. The track is a freestyle delivery from the Flamerz V Mixtape. Listen to the track and let us know your thoughts.

New Music by Busta Rhymes Featuring Capella Grey

Okay, OK, OK! Busta Rhymes is back with a hot brand-new track out everywhere for the world to hear. The overall production is hot and the beat is soft with Busta Rhymes' slick bars. The newly released song is called Run It Up featuring Capella Grey. The song is released under The Conglomerate Entertainment, Inc. and EMPIRE Records. It's about making sure fans get to listen to the speed rapper that always has some of the most entertaining music videos. Most of Busta Rhymes' songs are stapled in your head because he always delivers a hit tune. Listen to the song below and let us know your thoughts.

Fetty Wap New Music Called Sweet Yamz

Introducing music by Fetty Wap called Sweet Yamz. Fretty Wap is trying to sing on this track, it's unbelievable what they think is appropriate music these days. Almost the entire song is synthesized, and it's awful, to say the least. However, they will still get a view of overwhelming promotions, so the chart will continue. This is the type of song they will play and play until it gets into your head and you cannot do anything about it. Where are we going to hear quality material? The song "Sweet Yamz" is released under RGF Productions and 300 Entertainment. Listen to the song below and let us know your thoughts on this song!

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