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Social Media marketing is essential in survival of business today. This service is apart of our Social media marketing & Branding for only $299 a month. This package is developed to help small businesses to increase revenue.


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The Social Media Challenge

The famous MC Hammer once said of social media “they want to know what I had for breakfast, but you better believe, they’ll be paying for dinner”. Let me ask you an honest and sincere question. Are you making any money from your social media? Do you know how to go about attacking the market? If your honest and sincere answer to those two questions are “No” and “No”, or a more emphatic “Heck No”, then we would like to share a strategy that can not only provide direction, but could make you some cash immediately.

We call this strategy the Social Media Challenge. If you take 30 days to works this strategy, you will see results. Ok, enough talk; let’s go to work.

Step 1: Write a provocative and interesting article about your niche

Look for what people online are searching for about your industry. Find roughly about 15 to 20 different topics, which have an average search of over 300 per month and combine in 1 super article. The strategy behind this super article is that the article will “pull” from different search queries and not rely on just one, two or even three keywords. Rather have dozens of key words in the article such that you have dozens of opportunities to get found. The article provides a few important things. One, it provide the all-important backlink for the website, and second it provide an opportunity to make an offer. Lastly, it provides an opportunity for repurposing the content. You will distribute these articles on the top 20 Article Directories on the Internet.

Step 2: Video Commercial – Repurposing the Article

Then take the article and slice it into 100 or so small bit size nuggets for the purpose of building 30 second commercials. See, we believe the way video is currently use is incorrect and the best use is to:

1. Link to the most popular videos based on what people are search for around the topics

2. Build 30 second, catch, provocative videos which will lead the visitor to an offer of some sort, be it the offer is for more information (in exchange for a email address), or a direct product or service offer.

3. Flood the market with these 30 second commercials to build brand, name recognition and market trust

So take the articles, break them into little snippets, curate them into provocative sentences, and build dozens of videos from one article. You can use Animoto (a free service) to get this done. Then distribute to YouTube and other leading Video Distribution sites.

Step 3: Social Media Platforms – Re-purpose the Article

In addition to building videos from the article, you also want to use the provocative sentences to send messages out to your Friends and Followers on the most popular social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedN. We have a special platform that allows us to automate this process, and you can find sources to automate this process for you at a few dollars per week. Additionally, you want to plan your messages such that you plan 30 days in advance the content which will be messaged to your audience. You also want to build up your “Social List” to as many followers, friends, etc as you can get. We help our clients actively engage in this process such that within days they have hundreds if not thousands of followers, friends etc. You can do the same thing. You’ll see how this will become important, later in this writing.

Step 4: Build a Great Offer

Now you want to develop a great and irresistible offer to the market place. Your intent is tri-fold. First you want to generate cash, period. You want to ring the cash register. Second you want to capture market share. And last, you want to build and continue to build your brand. You want design an offer that is so tempting, that it becomes a “no brainier” for the customer, be it new or existing customers.

Step 5: Delivery Platforms: Ads, Shopping and Mobile

After you’ve developed an irresistible offer to the marketplace, you can start to distribute to the marketplace via several mediums.

Step 5A: Online Ads

You want build an image ad of your offer for distribution on Craigslist, Backpage and OXL. This will not only get you exposure, but it will get you an instant boost to the bottom line.

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Step 5B: Shopping Sites

You can re-purpose your image ad and build a coupon from it, such that you deliver it to dozens of powerful shopping sites around the Internet. Millions of people visit these sites on a daily basis and you and your product will be poised and positioned to take advantage of this traffic.

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Step 5C: Mobile Coupons

We spoke earlier about building up your “Social List”. Now you are now going to leverage that social list by send out “Mobile Coupon Specials” to that list. The frequency varies depending on the market and niche. The average is about 2 offers a week. The idea is to send these irresistible specials to a willing and waiting audience. Think of the possibilities for your business and all the new business you can generate. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

There you have it. In the above, we’ve identified an integrated, step by step plan to take you from making nothing or very little in the Social Media space to having dozens of new and freshly paying clients. But wait, it doesn’t seem fair to leave you without making an irresistible offer. And here it is.


What if we do all the work for you? What if we were to be your Social Media Marketing Arm? What would this type of service be worth for your business?

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Before you answer that, let’s look at what you get:


1) Optimize your Website

2) Establish Social Media Properties

3) Establish Search Properties

4) Establish Video Accounts

5) Establish Online Advertising Accounts

6) Integrate into Marketing System Platform

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1) Write Press Release

2) Write Articles

3) Build 5 Videos based on Articles

4) Develop and Place Image Ad for Online Advertisement

5) Integrate Social Media Properties based on Article

6) Establish Social Media Calendar of Events

7) Send Electronic Mobile Coupons

8) Start Back linking Campaign

9) Get 1000 “Likes” and “Followers”

10) Complete Search Profiles and Back link

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1) 10 Tweets/Post Per Day

2) Distribute Weekly Coupon Special

3) Write and Distribute 1 Article per week

4) Build 1 Promotional Video per week

5) Update Events Calendar

Try our 30 day free trial

Ok, so now what’s all that worth to your business? You could do it yourself or have someone (an assistant maybe) do it for you. What would that cost you? Remember, you are a business owner, so your TIME IS MONEY.

So here’s what we are prepared to offer you. We are prepared to give you a 30-Day Trial FREE of charge. You make money or else you don’t pay. Period. It’s called The Social Media Challenge: Social Media Marketing done 4U and together we can revolutionize the industry.

Now that you are making money in the Social Media marketplace, if after 30 days you decide to stay on as a client, your investment in your Social Marketing Department will be less than the cost of two Vente Lattes per day.

Are you ready to start the challenge? Complete the next steps below and let’s get started today.

One last thing about this offer. It really won’t last as it’s on a first come, first service basis and limited amount of space as we are putting about an extraordinary amount of upfront labor and capital to help you succeed. Once we are fully for this challenge month, we won’t take any more businesses, as we want to do a great job for those who took advantage of the opportunity, now.

Ok, you ready now? Complete the next steps below.





Last modification: Sat 20 Aug 2011

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