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How To Sell Your Fashion Line At Macy’s. 8 Steps for Success

Selling a clothing line in a major department store like Macy’s is the dream of many designers and entrepreneurs. We have all seen the celebrity lines in the large department stores, and we have browsed the racks of clothing designed by Michael Kors and Vera Wang. So how does an unknown, non-celebrity, non-fashion icon go about selling their original and interesting designs in the department stores? You do it by working hard, being bright and taking advantage of opportunities as they arise.


8 Steps for Success

Education. No one becomes a name brand, couture fashion designer over night. The people who have their lines in the big name department stores are there for a reason. They trained, they worked and they practiced. Enter a good fashion program, work hard at your education and then take a job where you are offered more knowledge.


On-the-job Training. Serve as an apprentice or as a junior designer. No one makes it to the top alone. Successful designers know that on-the-job training is the key to perfecting their skills and developing their designs. Starting small may seem boring, especially in today’s world where everything seems instant, but starting small is an excellent way to someday see your designs in big places.


It’s all in the Name. Naming your fashion line may be one of the most important things you do as you being your campaign to someday sell on the floor at Macy’s. Choose a name that is easy to remember and reflects your style. Keep in mind that your line will grow and change over the years; your name must allow this growth.


Boutique It. Before you try launching your line in a large department store, test out your designs in a small boutique. Boutique sales are also a fantastic way to begin building a well-known brand. A boutique will also provide you with the opportunity to test unique designs.


Money and Manufacturing. As you work to build your brand, keep in mind that creating costs money. Check with local financial institutions to find ways to obtain start-up funds. Look around at different fashion lines and find a good manufacturer to fit your product line.




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Keep a Portfolio. Small boutiques and large department stores will want to see examples of what you can do. They don’t just want to see your sketches on paper; they also will want to see live designs that encompass a variety of looks for different seasons. Make sure that you are always updating your portfolio so that you are well prepared when opportunity knocks.


Research and Prepare. Never underestimate the power of an excellent, well-polished presentation. You may be an artist, but if you want your fashions sold in places like Macy’s you also need to be a savvy business owner. Research the store you are presenting to. Know how they see themselves, what the department looks like that you will be displayed in. Understand their marketing philosophy and know their target demographic. When you pitch your line, use this knowledge to plan your presentation.


Know Your Audience. Find out the name of the buyer who acquires new fashion lines for the store. Set up a meeting with him or her and put your best foot forward. Pitch your well put together presentation. Before you leave, find out the procedures for following up on the pitch. Thank the buyer for their time and make sure you send a formal “thank you” when you return to your office.


As you take the steps necessary to reach your dreams, keep in mind that every experience is a learning experience. Selling your clothing line at Macy’s may not be achieved over night, but with hard work, persistence and determination you will develop your line (and your business skills) so that you may reach your goals.




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