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Our Services:

1. Social Media Marketing & Management  (30 days free trial)

2. Branding and Promotions

3. Search Engine optimization

4. Advertising Management

5. Website Design and Development (Please submit your needs, you will receive a quote within 48 hrs)

6. Product review and research (Select the service from ** Member group drop-down*)

7. Virtual Magazine Creation, Distribution and Maintenance ($79/monthly)

  • Create preferred book, newsletter, catalog, directory
  • copy of flip book for yourself.
  • Maintain on Longe's Magazine Server
  • Distributed to 2,000 Location via RSS Feed
  • Posted on all of Longe's 42 social media connection outlets
  • Text Ad on all of Longe's 20,000 pages
  • Free add to our directory for potential individual that is looking for your product or services.

Review Samples of online Flip Books:


Online Advertising ($49.99/Monthly) this includes:

  • (125 x 125) ad added to our website of 20,000 pages. (Increase your brand virtual visibility)

  • An overview on your company in Longe Magazine.

  • Submit your website to 200 locations Monthly.

  • completed in 2-3 business days from the time of signed agreement.

  • Facebook suggestion to all our Fans and Friends.
  • We have several additional pages that can be of interest please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


“Longe has improved my company branding and marketing, I literal love the business marriage” Harjun William CEO of Jawz Inc.


"Longe marketing plan has improved our business branding and visibility immensely.  Longe use of a flip book approach instead of just PDF for the readers is innovative and cutting edge. THANK YOU LONGE ...  Keith Humphrey, CIO – OmegaESolutions, LLP"


How can you benefit from our services? You found us didn't you? that is Internet Marketing and Branding, and you will not forget us? What is Branding? When you're truly branded, a person can see your "logo" or "name" the understand your product or services. However, Branding is not your "LOGO". Brands have been co-opted as powerful symbols in larger debates about economics, social issues, and politics. Brands of the future will be those who are able to surround their products and services with ardent advocates, loyalists: passion brands. The author shares a framework of looking at brands as belief systems and demonstrates how this can apply to any brand. Brand Genetics What is the magic of brands?. Author Peter Fisk, of 'Marketing Genius' looks at ten brands which have had the vision and power to shape their markets, maintain their focus and principles over time, and combine intelligence and creativity in order to drive success competitively and financially.

The vast majority of global brands were created for rich Western societies, when the vast majority of the world's people live in poorer emerging societies. The exquisitely-produced study includes tables, profiles, essays and videos on some of the brands featured. Indeed, companies with established brands often rebrand as a way to penetrate perceived new markets or defend core markets. Gateway is practically the poster child for companies that successfully built brands without building profitable market share. The articles in this category teach how to advertise brands using different techniques and strategies, as well as provides tips to make your brand click to customers. Just like we know people by their names, we know hundreds of brands by name. Beverly Houston There are same cartoon characters that have become so popular that they have become the face and personality of their brands. The well known soft drink or energy drink brands all have design and graphic cues that have become part of their brand image

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