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20 Ways to Market Your Business

Marketing your business does not have to be overly expensive or time consuming.There are dozens of small, common sense, things any business owner can do to make a name for themselves and draw in more customers. There are 20 ways to market your business that almost any business can easily adopt.

1. Have a give-away to draw attention. This can be in the form of a free trial or first time free service for new customers.

2. Donate your products or services to area schools and charities. You can do this through silent auctions and raffles for charity. This is often tax deductible and sends out a good community vibe.

3. Saturate the market with simple to make fliers and brochures. Do not underestimate the affect of handing out your business cards to everyone

4. Sponsor a contest. Have a prize, such as your service or product free for a year to the winner.

5. Hold demonstrations such as house parties and store demonstrations to showcase your product or service. When people take a moment to see your product or service in action, they will remember you.

6. Join any local group that will give you access to other business leaders in the community. Examples include your local chamber of commerce and other business minded community groups.

7. Never underestimate good old-fashioned customer service with a smile. Maintaining a cheerful and positive disposition and making each person feel important and heard always leaves an immeasurable impression.

8. Utilize modern technology and establish a strong online presence. Many companies now go beyond just a website. You can market your company and get the word out through Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and having a blog for customers. Many companies use social networks, like Facebook, to let customers in on special deals and communicate directly with them.

9. Do not neglect the obvious. Billboards and attention grabbing ads still work even in the technology age. A catchy visual and phrase sticks like glue to customers.

10. While some may look down on gimmicks to draw attention, there is no denying the fact that gimmicks work. A mascot or ‘buy one get one free’, ‘limited time only’ approach does get attention. The more attention, the better.

11. Have a recognizable logo and put that logo on everything. Give out shirts, pens, hats, magnets and everything else that your logo or name will fit on. Sponsoring a local little league or other sports team is a great way to do this.

12. Don’t forget to look behind you. Tap into any resources and contacts from your past. Sometimes networking with people you have left behind can open more doors than you may ever have expected. Professional Printing for Less! Low Cost, Free Proof, Same Day Printing.

13. Establish a relationship with your local news outlets. Have your local newspaper do a business profile or short write up about your business. Local cable access television shows are also always searching for local stories.

14. Go to local events such as fairs, festivals, and specialty stores and set up a booth. Draw in a crowd and put on a show to keep their attention.

15. Go where your audience is. Go to local colleges and clubs. Go where crowds gather and show them what sets your product or service apart.

16. Contact other businesses in the area and develop a relationship with them. There is no harm in befriending the competition. Most business owners know it is in their best interest to help other businesses succeed.

17. Never be afraid to go big. Rent a plane banner and arrange for a flight over local parks or festivals. Have a large banner to place strategically at cookouts, fundraisers and other events. Sometimes, bigger is better.

18. When holidays or special events roll around, give your product or service away as gifts. Just getting your product out there for others to see is marketing without any effort.

19. Register for a booth at expo events. Nearly every urban area has expo events that draw in huge crowds. Just by being present at these large events, you get your name out to countless people.

20. Be present. Be out there. A constant presence will help customers feel closer to you and help new customers feel at ease.

While there are many simpler marketing tips any business can benefit from, trying these are sure to help get you maximum exposure.


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