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Diesel Hampton ft. Keezy & Anonymous E Lecture #Blackexcellence

Diesel Hampton Music Group (DHMG) has put together a well-produced track. "Lecture #Blackexcellence" is more of a melodic feel and its lyrical delivery. The song is refreshing to the ears. It's something different to look forward to, simply because the production and lyrical delivery do not feel like a cookie-cutter song that is just going with the trends. Diesel Hampton ft. Keezy & Anonymous E on the "Lecture #Blackexcellence" provides excellent artistry.

New Music "First Love" by NLP Group

The new song "First Love featuring Vocals of Alexander" by the NLP Group is a strong rhythm and blues(R&B) song. The First Love has a mixture of good soul delivery and an excellent beat. The appreciation of no synthesizer is highly comforting to the ears. The song gives the feel of core R&B with a modern twist, providing something new. The song "First Love" can be on repeat.

Guaranteed Radio Airplay & Streaming stars

Get Guaranteed Radio Airplay, Streaming, Press, and More. Let your music work for you!

We submit your music to iHeart/ Clear Channel, Radio One/city One, Sirius XM, Radionomy, Shoutcast, TuneIn, Icecast, Radio.net, internet-Radio.com, Beasley Broadcasting, Bell Media, Cumulus, Emmis, Cox Radio, Entercom, international Radio, NewCap, Townsquare Media, Vista Radio, Wilks, NextMedia, Rogers, Welch Communications, Harvard, Streaming licensing, Streema, city Radio, BBC Radio Europe and lots of unbiased FM Terrestrial, commercial, Non-industrial, college and internet radio broadcasters streaming online.

High School Basketball Players Making Six Figures

Overtime Elite (OTE) is a new basketball league for up-and-coming elite high school prospects offering a year-round development program by combining coaching, sports science, and performance technologies, facilities, and an academic program that not only benefits players at this point in their career development but also as they progress into the professional ranks.

High school Basketball players in America—in case they're fortunate—travel to their games in a bus. They may—in case they're fortunate—contend before the nearby college scout. In any case, individuals from Overtime Elite, the new expert b-ball association for 16-to-19-year old stars, show up in style, to play before an undeniably more compelling crowd.

On a fresh harvest time morning in Atlanta, multiple dozen Overtime Elite (OTE) aces, who make somewhere around six-figure compensations, ventured off a stretch limo transport, individually. The players entered the pristine 103,000 sq.- ft. office worked by Overtime, a five-year-old computerized sports media startup that fostered a gigantic trailing posting Zion Williamson's high school humiliates Instagram. Hanging tight for them at OTE's debut "star day": around 60 expert scouts, including reps from 29 out of 30 NBA groups, sitting along the sideline and behind the bushels. They leafed through the exploring parcel given by OTE, which included data like the wingspan and hand width of every player in addition to cutting edge measurements on their exhibitions during preseason scrimmages, murmuring to each other with regards to which ones they were eager to see.

OTE is dispatching at a milestone crossroads throughout the entire existence of American games. For a really long time, capable teens in fields like acting and music could adapt their novel gifts by marking worthwhile, extraordinary monetary arrangements. Be that as it may, obsolete principles and perspectives to a great extent held competitors back from doing likewise, keeping them from trading out until they arrived at significant ace associations like the NFL or the NBA. Those limitations are currently exceeding everyone's expectations the peach container. In June, the Supreme Court caught these moving suppositions concerning athletic awkwardness in a decision that keeps the NCAA from covering schooling-related advantages. In a searing agreeing assessment, Justice Brett Kavanaugh composed that the plan of action of the NCAA, an association that has since a long time ago held school competitors back from being paid—in spite of the large numbers in income a considerable lot of them produce for their foundations—would be "straight illicit in practically some other industry in America." About seven days after the fact, the NCAA, with general assessment and the most elevated court in the land betraying its obsolete thoughts of awkwardness, yielded, and permitted school competitors to benefit off their names, pictures and similarities.

Music by Derrick Milano feat. Ty Dolla $ign

The new release "Control" is by Derrick Milano featuring Ty Dolla $ign is in combination with DMGLOBAL/T9, LLC, under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment. Overall, the song is what anyone would expect! Control is exactly the concept of what is on the charts these days, nothing new or different but is good to hear in the club. It's like everyone is following the same old formula to produce a song.

Metaverse, what is it?

Nowadays it seems like everyone and their corporate parent organization is discussing "the metaverse" as the following huge thing that will change our web-based lives. However, everybody appears to have their actually what for own "the metaverse" signifies—that is, if they have any genuine thought what it implies whatsoever.

Micheal Jackson Album "Thriller" re-entry in Billboard's Hot 100

Micheal Jackson is gone, but not forgotten for the musical genius he unleashed to the world.  The ever-selling album "Thriller" by Micheal Jackson has re-entered the HOT 100 charts on Billboard. When someone makes history in the creative world there is nothing anyone can do to take away that momentum in history. If you haven't heard of Micheal Jackson, you're living under a rock or just super young. But let us give a part of musical history. Listen below and let us know your thoughts. 

BET "The Game" is back Check it out!

A few new cast individuals including Vaughn Hebron (Tyler Perry's The Oval), Adriyan Rae (Chicago Fire), Analisa Velez (Sneaky Pete), Tim Daly (Madam Secretary), and Toby Sandeman (Power Book III: Raising Kanan) . For the reboot, Hebron will play Jamison Fields, an undrafted free specialist, while Rae will star as Brittany Pitts, the girl of Jason and Kelly Pitts, and Velez will play Raquel Navarro, Brittany's dearest companion. Daly will play Colonel Ulysses S. Thatcher, an independent very rich person, and Sandmann will play Garret Evans, the top football player in the association.

Is it Travis Scott Fault for the deads at his concerts?

On Friday night, eight individuals were killed as a goliath swarm at Houston's NRG Park flooded toward Travis Scott's featuring execution at his 50,000-participant Astroworld live concert. Concert attendees announced being stomped on, squashed, and now and again incapable to move or inhale; recordings showed a crisis vehicle halting in the midst of an ocean of bodies, obviously unfit to arrive at the people who required assistance. 25 were hospitalized, and hundreds were harmed, including a nine-year-old kid who was as yet in a restoratively actuated unconsciousness the previous evening, as per his family.

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