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Are you watching OWN new show "Ambitions"?

Are you watching OWN new show "Ambi…

OWN unveiled its sexy new series, Ambitions at the American Black Film Festival...

access_time 12:08PM 15 August 2019

Topping the Search Engines..Google, Bing, and more!

Topping the Search Engines..Google, Bing…

Does Google believe they are God? Now it's the time were website are...

access_time 12:33PM 13 August 2019

Simone Biles has made History on August 12th 2019

Simone Biles has made History on August …

Simone Biles has a historical performance on August 12th, 2019 being the first...

access_time 11:14AM 13 August 2019

Hot New Releases by Reggae SuperStars Anthony B, Mali f/ Bongo I and Sizzla

Hot New Releases by Reggae SuperStars An…

The superstars line up production was done by producer Malcolm Nelson of Perfection...

access_time 09:41AM 12 August 2019

90210 Reboot!

90210 Reboot!

After watching the Beverly Hill 90210 reboot a.k.a. (the reunion show), completely not...

access_time 11:25AM 09 August 2019

Ray J lawful cannabis new business

Ray J lawful cannabis new business

Ray J is making bank to get individuals to put resources into weed...

access_time 12:21PM 08 August 2019

The Kardashian's Women and their daughters looking alike.

The Kardashian's Women and their daughte…

So all the women who have a girl child in the Kardashian family...

access_time 07:34PM 07 August 2019

Apple rebranding "best sound mastering" and Why?

Apple rebranding "best sound master…

As of 2012, Apple has been running a program it calls Mastered for...

access_time 07:01PM 07 August 2019

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