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You Are What You Wear Understanding the art of buying clothing.

You Are What You Wear

Understanding the art of buying clothing.


Buying clothes is truly and art form. Everyone has a different style, a different image they wish to present and a different body type. Unfortunately, not everyone understands how to purchase clothing that suits their style, displays the right image and flatters their body type. Here are a few tips and suggestions to help those who are “style challenged” to find just the right clothing to suit their needs.


Color should be your friend, not your foe!

Color can make or break an outfit. I’m not talking here about the traditional rules of color most of us have grown up with (although, I still consider it risky to wear white after Labor Day). No, I’m talking about wearing colors that flatter your skin tone, hair color and eyes. The right color combinations can make pale skin look luminous and dark skin look polished and beautiful. A blue shirt can make green eyes pop with life, just as a light pink shirt can make brown skin glow. Make sure to choose colors that compliment your skin, hair and eyes. It doesn’t matter how pretty the color of a shirt is if it does nothing for your natural beauty.


Pick Classic Pieces.

Most people can’t afford to purchase a new outfit for every occasion. The majority of us are lucky if we have a different wardrobe for work than we do for play. The solution to this problem, choose basic pieces that are versatile. Make sure that you are picking some pieces that can be worn anywhere and with anything. Black pants and skirts are a great example of staple pieces that can be worn any time. Both items may be dressed up or dressed down; they may be worn for work or play.


Mix and Match.

Try to select items for your wardrobe that can be worn with other pieces. Shirts and blouses can be worn with different pants and skirts, creating completely knew looks. Layering is another way to create new looks from the same old clothing pieces. Accessorizing is also a great way to create styles that flatter and are interesting to wear.


Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Shoes are important for both men and women. They must be comfortable, and for the love of Pete . . . they must match your outfit! Try to avoid purchasing the most trendy or outrageous shoes being sold. They won’t last long and – unless you are living in Milan – they probably won’t look as good on you as they did in the fashion magazine. Remember that your pink leopard pumps might not present the serious image you are going for at the next board meeting. There is a fine line between fashionable and ridiculous . . . wearing the wrong shoes is the easiest way to step over it.


Love your body by choosing clothes that love it too.

Not all of us can wear any style we want. Just because we like a particular fashion trend does not necessarily mean it will look good on us. Learn to dress in a way that flatters your body type. Your clothing should follow the contours of your body, flowing as you sit and stand. Clothing should never be too tight to be comfortable. If you feel good about your clothing, you will feel good about yourself. There are many websites and fashion magazines that are geared toward helping men and women dress in a way that flatters their shape.


Buying clothing is an art form. It starts with an understanding of what you like, but it is also influenced by what you need and what is flattering. If you understand the art of buying clothes before you pick up a magazine or enter a store, you will be happier with the items you find and how you look when you try them on.


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Last modification: Sat 26 Nov 2011

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