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The Ten Most Recognizable Brands in Fashion

When it comes to the world of high fashion, some names are legendary. While the appeal of fashion and what people wear from season to season is subjective, certain brands have left heir mark on our collective psyche and will forever be associated with perfection, elegance, and sophistication. What makes them popular globally has as much to do with what they share as what sets them apart from each other.

The first global fashion powerhouse known all over the world is indisputably the Versace brand. It optimizes Italian glamour. After the murder of its founder Gianni Versace in Florida in 1996, his sister Donatella Versace expanded the brand range. Her global trend setting lifestyle and celebrity filled parties have kept her and the Versace brand in the public eye.

The second of the top ten most admired and well known fashion brands is the institutional icon Armani. Men first were attracted to the relaxed Armani suit which first offered a unique color palette to men. Expanding to include six major fashion lines has made Armani synonymous with modern elegance and chic style.

Gucci is also a top ten brand known for high profile accessories and innovative advertising campaigns. Family run until 1993, Tom Ford took the reigns and made Gucci a global business. This empire now sets the bar pretty high in every aspect of fashion from the classic pencil skirt they virtually reinvented to high end eye ware.

Chanel is definitely one of the most recognized and respected fashion brands ever. The interlocking C’s representing Coco Chanel’s initials are as legendary as she was. Coco Chanel practically invented the ‘little black dress’ not to mention the inherent elegance of the world famous Chanel No. 5 perfume and classic tweed suit. Designs created by Chanel are so innovative, they have ended up in museums.


Prada makes the list for redefining luxury. Prada has made a name for itself by simply being able to tap into the cultural climate with its unconventional bags and shoes. This commercial savvy company has seen enormous growth over the last few years, making it known the world over.

Calvin Klein has evolved to be known and respected not just in America but the world. This company was the first to put designer jeans on the fashion map. They made the American sexy, effortless, and simple style of clothes appeal to global consumers. Clavin Klein simply exudes coolness and sophistication.

The hot Italian theatrics of Dolce and Gabanna reflects the duality of the company’s founders. They have been described as being able to couple the classic peasant Italian school look mixed with a corseted Latin temptress. This company brand is polarizing and never overlooked, making it very recognizable and distinguishable above others.

Christian Dior is another legendary fashion house known instantly by anyone who knows fashion. They encompass feminine luxury. Dior was a favorite of Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich. Having admiration of old Hollywood is reason enough to give Dior the credit and respect it deserves. They were the original high fashion design house and still only make their clothes available in their high end boutiques

The classic ‘V’ logo of Valentino is unmistakable in the world of fashion. Already respected and revered in Italy, Valentino has branched out to be known as the first choice for privileged women throughout the world. Valentino, just by creating the most beautiful collections, is simply known as a must have for any woman who admires fashion. Vintage Valentino manages to inspire just as much adoration and attention as new Valentino. Valentino has managed to put out collections which never look dated even fifty years after their creation.

Last of the top ten most recognized brands in fashion would be the hard working American designer Donna Karan. After spending years under the wings of Ann Klein, Karan managed to unveil a trademark collection that still stands today. DKNY (Donna Karan New York) invented the 7 easy pieces every woman should own and put the bodysuit on the map. Her street smart style took the fashion world by storm and she holds her own against high fashion houses that have been around for decades.


Each of these top ten fashion brands have contributed something unique and inspiring to the ever changing world of high end fashion. While other newer designers continuously crop up and others fall to the wayside branching into other areas of business, these brands have stayed constant and true. The secret to their popularity is simply their ability to keep the original ideals and standards of fashion while simultaneously creating new and innovative collections.




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