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Style Inspired by Wanderlust

Photo of Corrine Monique

After reviewing Corinne Monique Designs, We here at Longe is excited to announce she will be apart of the first quarter printed of Longe magazine.

{photo of Corinne Monique Designs}

On behalf of her press house;

Many people dream of traveling to far away places, visiting exotic cities and partaking of cultural rituals. However,  for one Toronto based fashion designer, the next step from wolfing in wanderlust is to create the experience as a fashionable medium.

{photo of Corinne Monique Designs}

Corinne Monique's designs are inspired by elements of nature and cultures she has yet to experience. During February's New York Fashion Week, Corinne displayed garments that evoke exoticism of the far east; and is a modern take on an ancient oriental style worn by a warrior empress of the future. The Corinne Monique Fall/Winter 2013 collection is titled, 'The Year of the Serpent'. Some of the fabrics are hand made by Corinne. Handmade fabrics are one part of the custom approach to the Corinne Monique's ready-to-wear dresses. The collection was presented using seductive colors and sensual textures such as silks, wool, printed velvets, lace, and gilded finishes. Pieces of decadent fabrics are adored with mythical creatures to symbolize 2013 as the year of the serpent. The fashion looks were cut using ready-to-wear dresses, yet finished with haute couture techniques. "I design fashions for a wide range demographic. My creations are for the twentyish woman to a more sophisticated woman. And the aesthetic is more about what I would like to wear. But I have created full figured fashions for a local boutique in Toronto too. So, I like to keep my future creative options open" says Corinne.

Corinne Monique is one of New York Fashion Week's emerging designer talents for the fall 2013 season. This is Corinne's first experience presenting during New York's market week. "I've normally created fashions for myself or as commissioned special orders, but I am hoping to sell and get my fashions in boutiques across North America. The Rogues Gallery Presents production team was really organized, and my experience was actually very good! I'm still excited and would definitely present in the New York fashion market again. I thought all the designers who presented in the RGP collective were really amazing! I'm so happy to have been a part of it." claims Corinne. The Corinne Monique Collection offers timeless and luxurious fashions for today's modern woman ...who is well traveled or maybe not.


Corinne Monqiue Design Studio
3602-21 Carlton St.
Toronto, ON  M5B 1L3, Canada

Last modification: Thu 28 Feb 2013

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