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It’s fall! And yes, colors are so in

Hello again lovely readers,

It’s fall! And yes, colors are so in.

It is a general concession that the economy is slowly moving out of a great depression, so many people are not so quick to splurge on seasonal shopping sprees but are still looking forward to setting trends in their own individual and unique ways. This is where I come in! I am here to try to help you work with what you already have and spend much less in new accessories so that you may be able to save. One of the first things to know about fashion is that it always comes back in style, mostly in different variations of the original look to showcase another perspective. So have no fear, I am sure we can work with what you already have to try to help bring relief to an already tight budget and still keep true to who you are!

There are different ways to save on shopping when working with a tight budget, such as individual/unique combinations from already existing wardrobe, saving by shopping at second-hand stores, shopping online to save through discounts and sometimes no tax sales…….and so many more. Our focus though for now is the first option, and that is working with what is already available. This is a chance to find out individual styles through the experimentation's involved when trying to come up with a look that best represents us when we put them together.

Many seem to feel more comfortable with wearing colors only in the spring and summer seasons, yet allotting the more somber colors to the fall season. Fall is a very colorfully seasons with different tones of yellows and oranges, and the fallen autumn leaves eventually turning into a rich chocolate toned brown color that seems to glow with its richness. The fall yellow and orange colors seem to range from a brightness so stunning it could only have been expected in the seasons of a high summer and yet, at times the falling leaves come down in a gentler and more subtle shades that would be flawless on any skin tone. Fall season shouldn’t be a time to abstain from colors, but an opportunity to bring together not only the bright colors of spring and summer but also the darker, gentler and more subtle tones that make fall so perfectly unique and beautiful. So don’t be afraid to play around with the colors you already have in your closet to come up with your very own individual and personal style.

So, feel free to experiment with your colors to figure out what styles best suits your individuality and/or personality. Be aware that this is about you, and the goal is for you to combine who you are with your fashion statement to (in some cases) help the individual find their voice. Here is an example I believe might be a door opener to many closet fashionistas: A quick assemble is combining your bright colored skinny jeans, dark tone top, a blazer jacket and a scarf matched with a closed-toe pumps, and you have a nice, simple yet classy outfit. This is just an idea to sought of “get the ball rolling”; It is important to know that you don’t have to be afraid to experiment with different ideas, just because your ideas might be different/unique does not make it wrong. Accepting ourselves for who we are is a great path towards confidence and might even help others to have a more open mind toward individuality!

The story is yours to tell, so what will it be? I hope you are as excited as I am at the endless possibilities of styles, ideas and we will like to see pictures of some of your combinations. Some of these pictures could be posted on the Longe magazine website as a Longe favorite. So please email your pictures to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and your picture might be chosen as a favorite to be posted. We can’t wait to hear from you and thank you so much for stopping by, we appreciate your visit and hope you come back. So until next time, I wish you adieu!


Yours faithfull

Ajide, Tolulope

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Last modification: Fri 9 Nov 2012

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