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Most people do not know the evolution of fashion week in New York just started only in 1993, yes only 20 years ago!  So how did fashion week become so popular?  Because fashion is a product of modern age and when fashion week moved to one of the biggest city, in a place called; Bryant Park “New York Fashion Week” was Born. Fashion week started in Europe back in 1953 and evolved to be one of the biggest events in history. Fashion week grosses over 865 Million per year direct visitor spending in New York City alone.  The question now is, how to make this a part of the Stamford Connecticut history? As Connecticut embrace on creating a place for Fashion Week in Stamford Connecticut and the challenges piling on.

The average designers around the world can spend up $500,000 dollars to showcase their clothing at fashion week.

When one looks around and think of all the Designers, Models, Stylist, Make-up artists, Volunteers and etc., to put such an event on, it makes you think is this a challenge one should really take on? As Connecticut Fashion Week moves forward we will highlight a list of things to do during the process and comment on the do's, don'ts and mistakes.

  1. Create a Plan (Not having a plan for any event will turn into a disaster)
  2. Find a committed staff and communicate the mission/vision Clearly.
  3. Must Find committed Designers (Designers has to pay for their showcase at every fashion week around the world unless sponsored by a company).
    1. Connecticut Fashion Week allowed Designers to be apart of the showcase by committing to selling tickets. Pro: Designer are happy for this opportunity given they are committed. Con's: if a designer does not pays an entry fee they cannot afford to lose, they don't take it seriously and has 50/50 a chance to drop out last minute, This can bring havoc once heavy promotions is in effect.
  4. Integrate with Social Media and Create Surveys to find out what the attendees is looking for in fashion event showcase. (Help success rates)
  5. Build a proper network and community to increase the chances of having a successful event. ( Have your preferred go to models, stylist, Make-up artist, hair stylist and volunteer on hand).
  6. It's never too early to start promoting
    1. (Social Media promotions is not the answer, it may help but it not the answer.) Look to use places like Groupon, TV, Radio, Flyers, Newsletter, Adwords, and partnership with local businesses. You can also attend other events prior to your event to get the word out as well.
  7. Think outside the box.
    1. If your market your event(s) to the people you know only, the likelihood of it begin successful, is not likely. Not because someone knows you that means they will show-up. People only wants to commits when they see the mass committed. Build a story to get people you don't know involve. People forgets, so keep them up to date with friendly reminders.  "Motivation" is essential.
    2. Offer incentives with ticket sales. Connecticut Fashion Week offers each person who purchase a regular price ticket an opportunity to win a bridal gown (Women) or custom made creation (Men) for each ticket they purchase.
  8. Look to the best for guidance.
    1. Connecticut Fashion week also accept assistance in order to cultivate the best results. (Research how other events similar to what you're doing become successful)
  9. Don't wait for the last minute to get sponsorships or donations for your event.
  10. Always have a "To Do" Checklist.

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Last modification: Sat 15 Jun 2013

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