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Breaking into the Fashion Industry Can Be Tempting For Anyone with Style

Breaking into the Fashion Industry Can Be Tempting For Anyone with Style

Breaking into the fashion industry

Having a distinct style and a keen eye for the latest fashion can be just the beginning for anyone looking to break into the industry. There are endless resources and tools out there for the budding fashion designer in you. You can go from sitting back and admiring your favorite designers during high profile fashion week shows to actually being listed in the most up to date fashion designer directory. It takes a lot of ambition and a great sense of style intertwined with a sharp business sense to break into this exclusive world of glamor.

The first step to actually being a fashion designer is to get an education in fashion merchandising. There are many top notch fashion merchandising schools across the country and programs around the world. In order to really succeed in fashion merchandising school, you have to be able to see forward. Knowing everything there is to know about past fashion giants and the latest fashions are simply not enough. You have to be insightful and creative enough to put forth new and unique ideas. These ideas have to be original and also impressive enough to get the attention of those who can further your career. You have to be able to see what about the top designers makes them a success and what about their collections makes them stand out above the rest.

In fashion merchandising school, you will most certainly learn about the latest fashions, the business aspect of the industry and learn the tools necessary to find a job in the industry. You may take classes which will teach you specifically about how to deal with suppliers and manufacturers. You will need to know how to use a supplier directory to find every imaginable accessory to complete a look you are creating. You will learn to find reliable distributors for your fashion line. A retail directory can put you in touch with retail outlets that will be interested in carrying your collection. You can narrow down which retail stores will have great interest in your line and which stores simply can’t carry what you design. Knowing these subtle ins and outs of the business will help you navigate a design directory. You will learn how to hone your own sense of style to make your line stand out just as the designers you admire do.

Once you are making your way through fashion merchandising school, you should take advantage of every opportunity out there. Attend fashion week if you can. There catwalk celebrations are put on twice a year in high style in Milan, New York, London and Paris. Getting involved with fashion week will give you an insider view more so than any fashion website can. You will be able to see how inspiration for each line comes from the combination of fabrics, colors and textures that sway down the catwalk. Each designer showcases their latest fashions for the next two seasons and sets the tone for the fashion world. Attending these shows can help open doors and give you inside access to how it all comes together. You can make connections which will help further your own career. Any chance to be in the room with the heavy hitters should be seen as a networking opportunity.

Aside from all of the glamor associated with fashion week and fashion merchandising comes the business side. You may actually find your start by scanning design directories and researching a fashion designer directory. These directories will give you vital background information on designers you admire. Knowing their back story and struggle to get where they are today may inspire you to keep going when you feel like you can never be on their level. Keep an eye on fashion websites also. You can join in on the blogs and chats to find other aspiring designers. You can keep tabs on the latest fashion news and trade fairs. You will also be able to exchange ideas and tips with others, perhaps meeting your future fashion business partner. You will want to take advantage of getting your hands on anything that you can use in your future collections. Check out the fairs and fashion directory sites to acquire rare fabric pieces or excess accessories that may be usable years down the road.

Breaking into the fashion industry and getting through fashion merchandising school is a lot of work and commitment. For those with a real sense of fashion and a passion to be in the middle of it, it is well worth the struggle. Years of hard work, constant keeping up with trends and news, and study of the greats will make you more ready to face the lights when your own creation finds its way on the catwalk.

Last modification: Thu 13 May 2010

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