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What is Fashion and How it Defines Your Style
What is fashion? How do fit in? Longe Magazine & Distribution

What is Fashion and How it Defines Your Style

Fashion is the art of self-expression, a way to make a statement or mark yourself out from the crowd. From vibrant colors to detailed textures, fashion gives you the opportunity to explore different styles and build an eye-catching wardrobe that reflects your personality and empowers your confidence.


What is fashion?
Fashion is an art form that allows individuals to explore different looks and styles. It encourages creativity and innovation, enabling people to express themselves through fashion. Whether it's wearing trendy clothing on the street or a luxurious evening gown for a special occasion, fashion offers countless ways to show your unique style to the world.

Fashion basics and terminology.
Fashion typically divides into two main areas: ready-to-wear and haute couture. Ready-to-wear includes all clothing items created in size runs, to be worn off the shelf and tailored to individual customers. Haute couture focuses on custom garments made with extraordinary quality workmanship and materials, often involving high fashion designers like Chanel, Gucci, or Dior. Both types of fashion involve a range of terms such as silhouette, fabric, texture, color, and silhouette that are important for understanding fashion trends and styling options.

How fashion shapes culture and representation.
Fashion is not only about changing trends, but it also shapes culture and has the power to bring people together. As fashion defines identity, many cultures have embraced their traditional style of dress as a way to represent themselves and depict indigenous history. For example, Indigenous communities in Canada view traditional clothing as a form of self-expression and recognition of cultural heritage. Furthermore, fashion has created platforms for individuals to express ideas about diversity and representation. Different shapes, sizes, and genders challenge ‘standard’ beauty ideals that are often perpetuated in advertising campaigns by large fashion houses. Everyone should feel empowered to show off their individuality through style, no matter which type of clothing they prefer!

Finding your personal style in fashion.
Finding your personal style within fashion means more than just looking stylish - it’s about finding clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident. This process starts with understanding what makes you unique, and what shapes, styles, and colors bring out the best in your body type. Once you understand this, it’s easier to find the pieces of clothing and accessories that complement your aesthetic. A great tip is to try on different outfits or accessories until you find a combination that you feel wonderful wearing. Fashion should be a reflection of your personality, so don’t be afraid to embrace bright colors or silhouettes!

Maintaining good grooming habits in fashion.
When it comes to successfully styling fashion outfits and statement pieces, good grooming is essential. Washing and caring for your clothing properly are a must when aiming for an on-trend look. Pay attention to minor details such as kept nails and skin care, as these aspects all tie into looking polished. Additionally, you might want to invest in wardrobe basics such as quality shoes and the correct undergarments; like shapewear or accessories which will help create a cohesive look. Aspects like these will only enhance your overall style so keep them close by when planning future looks!

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