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5 Tips for Increasing Your Youtube View Counts Quickly

The Panda is now in effect! But how does this affect video views? Here are five tips to increase your YouTube view counts.If you’ve ever tried to optimize your YouTube videos for search engines, you might have noticed that there…

2023 Movie Trends Predictions

Movies in the future will focus on artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and other technologies that will change how people interact with each other and the world around them.

5 Ways To Promote Your BDS Radio Shows

 “BDS Radio€ is an online radio show that airs on Saturdays at 2 pm EST. It features interviews with authors, musicians, artists, activists, and other interesting people. The show also has a podcast available for download.

6 Guaranteed Radio Airplay Tips for Artists stars

Guaranteeing radio airplay for your song is an important part of getting your music noticed by the right people. This guide will teach you how to do that.

Cardboard Box by Flo

Are we looking at the new age version of TLC or 3LW? The group Flo look and sound is similar to both TLC and 3LW all in one. Flo is currently signed to Uptown/Republic Records. Flo is based in London,…

Who is Rebecca Ann Drimmel

Upon first listen the song got Longe off guard. This K-POP song “Wish upon a star-Byeol-e Sowoneul Bilda”, by Rebecca Ann Drimmel samples the Jackson Five "ABC-123" song. The lyrics are in Korean Pop (K-POP) overall well know song allows…

Gianni Trill New Song "Tweet"

Gianni Trill's new song "Tweet" presents a cool, relaxed, and easy-going vibe. His vocals wrap well around the very melodic beat. Gianni Trill's flow could remind one of when the rapper 50 cents first step on the scene. The song…

New music by Dommo called Silver Lining

Dommo is a professional musician that sings, writes, and produces. The Silver Lining song is excellent. The Silver Lining is catchy, funny, and entertaining. Silver Lining is prime for the radio and clubs DJs. The song acceptance so far is…

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