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Hot New Song Paradise Island by Dr.Mikey
Paradise Island Dr Mikey
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Hot New Song Paradise Island by Dr.Mikey

In a French ghetto north of Paris, a star was born from the city of light. Doctor Mikey represents French culture, especially in the suburbs. His mother is from Guadeloupe and his father is from Guyana.


At 14, a serious accident made him unable to walk. Fighting to rehabilitate his two broken hips, he moves from Paris to the jungle of St. Laurent du Maroni, with his father. There he finds his love for music. Mikey then decided to become the rapper/singer, who would erase the boundaries of gender and language, would challenge the continental barriers with his music. At 18, he formed the group Reggae: DAMANIAK. The group consists of 12 members including Warren Skandalyze, Sugar Kawar 2 Face Maxi Dready, and Dr. Mikey who is the only MC/RAPPER. They shoot, essentially, in Guyana.

In 1997, Dr.Mikey left his Guyana and the group. At the same time, he returned to France and created INSTINCT 2 SCARLA, of which he was the rapper and lead singer. Mikey finally understands that being in a band does not unfold it and is discovered in his solo career or writing, singing and raping reflects his style. In 2000, he met his manager Sonia KINANY who took him to the United States. When he arrived, Dr. Mikey neither spoke nor understood a word of English. He gets to work and partners with a young promoter presented to him by his manager. In Los Angeles, he has the opportunity to sing at the Watts Summer Festival, the Jamaica Independence Day picnic, the Club Clef, and the Samba Salsa Show. He won first place at the Hollywood Showcase Howard. After signing in and around Los Angeles, he met Louisiana rapper La Balle in 2001. Together they form the group TRUE 2 LIFE PLAYERS. Dr. Mikey? (the other) Shooting in California, he played in Juvenile, Trick Daddy, E-40, and Blu Cantrell at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. Between 2002 and 2004, they shot in California by Bone Thugs & Harmony,

The Mothugs Family, Won-G.

In 2007, Dr.Mikey travels between Europe, the United States, the West Indies, and French Guiana where he meets the members of the DAMANIAK group. Meanwhile, he sings with Capleton in Florida, UCLA at the Festival: Sean Paul, M. Vegas, Buju Banton, Spragga Benz, Club Crucial, and Club Miami in Atlanta, as well as multiple reggae scenes in Miami.

2008 - several Appearances About Artist Underground Project Such as Severe the Young Drack (Nappy Head Artist) Wiseman, 10 West.

2010 Creation of the Musical Gift Records Label & the MGR Mouvement (MGR ALL STAR, MGR HONEYS, Musical Gift TV)

2011 Release of the Single Valentine R&B and Dancehall Remix

2012 Release of the Mixtape "The Virus"

2013-2014 Host On MGR Radio

2016 Collaboration With Java Artist Cristal Gaga For The Title "Oh Mama"

2016 Release of the single "If You Want It Feat Tyrus Lid"

2018 Release of the single "Oh Pitié"

2019 Release the MGR DANCEHALL ALLSTAR VOL.1 ( Various Artists Dancehall compilation) 

2019 Release Of the single " Soleil"

Today his long-awaited album finally sees the light of day.

What the artist has to say:

Dr.Mickey just has a great love for music. He loves the different sound and style. No one inspired him to do music, it just happened. His music is a book of emotions. He can rap when he's mad sing when he's happy.

He listens to the music first he doesn't have any idea no subject he let the music talk to him. He loves music from hip-hop, RnB, and reggae dancehall so he has a lot of artists he would love to work with from Buju Banton, passing by, Drake Snoop,  and Chris Brown. And so many good producers like Cool And Dre, Timbaland... Too many people. Just want to do some great music. 

His message to my fans. Just try to be happy to take care of family and remember time is everything. Relax enjoy life it's always worst somewhere else. The most useless talent oh yeah he knows he can fall asleep faster than anyone lol...

Yeah, he does sometimes but it's rare no song in specially. He enjoying his kids. He had the chance to perform a lot of places but mostly in the US France Guadeloupe. My favorite place to this day was the Cow Palace in San Francisco when he opened for E-40, BG, and Juvenile from Cash Money, Blue Cantrell. But Tallahassee was great too. People show me, love, everywhere that he goes cause he stays true to myself and always happy. Right now since the COVID 19, everyone is close so he organizes BBQ every weekend it's his BBQ Tour.

You got good and bad. Now you able to be played anywhere in the world without moving from your living room.

He thinks my little island is my favorite song to perform but it's hard to choose cause it's like choosing between my babies. And it depends on energy. He loves Karibbean cause when you 1000 people at the same time moving to the left Magnifique.

Famous Musician Scott Torch

Trouble ahahah ah too much prefer not to answer but never been to jail lol.

What's next for me: A French album Operation à cœur ouvert it's ready to drop.

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