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Dockko's new song "chocolate baby" is a hit!

The latest song produced by the record label Dogface Records has been added to over 24 stations in the United States. The song has reached millions. The Washington, DC; based record label is pulling all the stops to assure that Dockko's new album becomes a success.


The lead single of the album "Chocolate baby" is getting the recognition it deserves. Mr. Holden, who is the CEO and lead producer of the label indicated that Dockko is talented. Mr. Holden is happy that he and Dockko connect on a musical level. The song has reached over 170 countries in listenership thus far.

Dockko's momentum that is different and has an out of box approach makes this artist a unique artist. The song "Chocolate baby" shows that Dockko's artistry and musical ability put him on the next level. Dockko's musical style, mc flow, and delivery will make him a success.

Dockko's new song "Chocolate baby off the album "Elohim" below reviews it and let us know your thoughts.


Dockko born Donnell Tucker comes from a long line of hard workers. He works hard on his craft and is self-taught to play the piano, drums, and bass guitar with the saxophone being next on the list. Dockko produces his own beats and handles his own engineering. Dockko grew up with his brother rapping and as they tested each other’s abilities to enhance their skills.

Dockko’s brother even shoots his music videos for him so his family is supportive of his career. Dockko was raised by his grandparents who taught him about the importance of morals and ethics to have common sense which has brought him a long way in life.

Dockko started making music at the age of ten as he started to play music on glass cups filled with various levels of water which made different unique sounds. Adding his voice to his music productions took things to the next level as Dockko realized his rapping ability. Currently, Dockko is working towards becoming a successful music artist, producer, performer, and writer in the industry while continuing to learn as much as he can about his craft.

Dockko’s latest project is the 14 song album, out via Dogface Records, entitled “Elohim”, which has been touted as a game-changer.

Dockko is on radio rotation with the tracks “Chocolate Baby” and “Freak Tip” ft. Indari Mahalo.


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