Easy High Easy Low by Dylan Leibrich
Easy High Easy Low Dylan Leibrich

Easy High Easy Low by Dylan Leibrich

Dylan Leibrich is a professional recording artist. Dylan was born and rise in Minnesota. Along with being an artist, he trains new hires for a shipment center warehouse. He entertains all the time to perfect his craft. He has a great love for singing and he loves to do karaoke, be around his friends, and listing to music every chance he gets. When he was little he was in the choir he got the chance to sing on stage, around the city, and even at Mall of America. He was in his home town’s parade royalty as junior vice commodore. They had coronations where he sang or gave a speech to the queen or princess. The coronations were in a large auditorium with thousands' of people, it was liberating for him at the age of six, which increase his love for music.


Music has always been a part of Dylan's life. His ideas for his music have been so autonomic. He explains he has dreams and even get melodies in his head that he sometimes never paid attention too. There were moments where he confirmed to himself that he could make a career of his love in being a professional recording artist. He has a feeling of aliveness that music is he suppose and career. He expresses " my only regret is not listening to my intuitive soul in the first place". He found himself croming through his music and songwriting, and he knows music is his destiny. He believes he would be on his fourth album right now if he paid attention, but he believes everything is in God's timing so he trusting the process and building his brand to make the right impact on the world! But so far It’s been amazing for Dylan. He's getting on the bus(the journey) and he's happy, he's doing what he does. Music has always seen him through some hard times. Music makes him feel better in the time of need and helps to calm him down when he is struggling with anxiety attacks. He's taking his past experiences, and turn them into songs and sharing his artistry & creations with the world.

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