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The Long Way Home
A Longe Way Home Athns

The Long Way Home

The expected sound came through the headphones, a shock is an understatement as the expectation was not was provided. Listening to this artist reminded Longe of listening to "Cold Play". The mixture of R&B, Soul, Pop, Soft Rock is simply impressive. Athns is raw talent and any label would be lucky to have him as apart of their roster. The way beat start made the hair on my arms stick up and that does not happen often. The lyric of the song is very meaningful, you can feel that this song means something and it's coming from a place of experience.  The part where he sings "I don't run back in the place" it's like he when through something and he tells himself he does not want to be there every again. He has learned from an experience that made major changes within his heart. This song should be charted. Listen below to the song  "The long way home by Athns".


More info:

Combining a genre-less approach to composition with a background in theatre and fascination with mythology, Western Michigan’s Ethan VanBoxel uses his ATHNS moniker to create distinctive worlds with his music. With ‘The Long Way Home,’ he has merged all of his interests into a meaningful collection of songs full of love, loss, and redemption.

Given the tumultuous state of the times, we’re living in, opening an album with a track titled ‘End Of Times’ seems like a given. A sparse electronic atmosphere provides the background for ATHNS's strangely comforting apocalyptic anthem. Pure pop melodies mesh with deeply introspective lyrics, setting the tone for things to come.

“I just know that I will mess up again, and I don’t wanna mess up,” Ethan sings in the title track. The battle between admitting defeat and staying optimistic is at the core of his songwriting. From the bouncy indie-pop of ‘Lost’ to dystopian hip hop of ‘Sleep,’ Ethan’s mixed feelings combine to create a cathartic effect.

Having grown up in the theatre world, Ethan’s flair for showmanship is almost a given. His songs are embedded with stories that include references to religion and mythology. On album highlight ‘Legend,’ he sings of a lost savior’s promised return to earth. Its heavy stuff for a home-produced lo-fi album, but ATHNS’ conviction and self-belief allow him to naturally express the thoughts in his mind in an easy to digest way. To listen to ‘The Long Way Home’ is to go on a musical odyssey led by a young auteur who is only getting started.

‘The Long Way Home’ is available everywhere 4/10/2020

Contact: athnsmusicoffical (at)

A Long Way Home Athns

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