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Metronome the new hot song by "Kid Chad's"
Metronome Kid Chad

Metronome the new hot song by "Kid Chad's"

Imagine the unexpected, the song started out as if it's going to an R&B and Jazz Soloist singing, then the bomb drop, with widdy lyrics and rhythms over an extraordinary beat. The song delivery was surprising to say the least. The production is well done for "Metronome" by Kid Chad. This artist is creating a sound that is now out there in the industry as of yet.  This song will catch anyone's attention. As usually, multitasking while listening to the song, but attention was due when sound blasted me into another direction.  Kid Chad was creative in how he mix and fused the beats, with laying of his vocals.


Kid Chad's new tune "Metronome" is a song itemizing the child's life based on the possibility that Kid Chad's heart is really a metronome itself. For whatever length of time that the child's heart keeps pulsating, so does the music as well. This track has extremely fun vitality one of a kind to Kid Chad that can't be found anyplace else. It likewise shows a decent snazzy and vaporous sound reminiscent of Erykah Badu. Take it easy as you experience the Kid in his most perfect structure: a condition of energetic ecstasy.

Kid Chad is signed to Bentley Records located in Manhattan, New York. Listen to the song below and let us know your thoughts of this new hot track "Metronome" by Kid Chad.

Metronome Bentley Records

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