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Are you watching OWN new show "Ambitions"?

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Are you watching OWN new show "Ambitions"?

OWN unveiled its sexy new series, Ambitions at the American Black Film Festival (ABFF) this pasted year. The preview got the audience intrigued about what is to come.

After watching the show 'Ambitions' for a few weeks it's building interest. The cast members include Robin Givens (Stephanie Carlisle Lancaster), Brian White (Evan Lancaster), Kendrick Cross (Kendrick Cross ), Essence Atkins(Amara Hughes). Kendrick Cross(Titus Hughes) Erica Page(Bella) and more. Ambitions show Robin Givens (Stephanie) as the devil that wears red bottoms and mess with everyone's lives around her.


Stephanie and Amara are both lawyers who went to Spellman University together. Amara ends up marrying Titus after Stephanie stop dating him. Stephanie is holding a grudge against Amara. Stephanie sees Amara as little miss perfect until she found out that Amara cheated on Titus, hence them moving to Atlanta. One can completely tell that Stephanie wants her cake and to eat it too. She wants everything to go her way and will do whatever it takes for this to happen regardless of who gets hurt.

Stephanie on the business side is trying to get her client Greg Peters plays by actor Gino Anthony Pesi the Banks of Atlanta to build new construction in order to develop the community. The issue is her husband sister own one of the most respected restaurants called Thelma's Place that Peterson construction wants to tear down.

Stephanie is hated by everyone around her. She butts into everyone's business to the point she doesn't see the biggest secret is kept by her husband. Her Husband (Brian White as Evan Lancaster) has a secret life with another woman (Erica Page as Bella ) and having a child (Eli Daoudi as Joaquin Trujillo) outside their marriage. Evan is the mayor of Atlanta and believes he untouchable because of his status. The chemistry of the overall cast is good. However, Bella charter needs acting lessons. Every time her scene comes on it becomes clear an appreciation of the forward button deserve more than a thank you.

Stephanie is the center of series. Robin Givens (Stephanie) is in love with Essence Atkins (Amara) husband Kendrick cross (Titus) and will do whatever it takes to break up his marriage. Robin(Stephine) is so overboard it also most borderline crazy to point of getting Essence(Amara) back in the presence of someone she cheated with on Kendrick(Titus).

Hope to see everything from hot intimate moments, love triangles, dee, dim privileged insights uncovered and enthusiasm blasting off the screen of this Will Packer-created show. Nothing is beyond reach, and every scene will keep you speculating.

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