Funny it all crashes

Jacqua Cooper new song "Funny it all crashes" was released on June 9, 2019. This song gives off a great feeling because of the foundation of the beat. The beat has a Hip-Hop, Jazzy, Dance, and Techno sound. The production is well done.

The song "Funny it all crashes" has layers.  This song includes a contemporary, modern, and an old school baseline all together. This song is perfect for the nightlife scene. Club and Radio DJ's will have a field day with this song. How the beat is constructed, it allows freedom for mixing, adding and twisting.

Jacqua's delivery of "Funny it all crashes" is more of a poetic approach. Simply a soft melodic voice over a funky beat. The music industry is currently looking for different, new, interesting and beyond! This sound of music delivery can be found in this artist Jacqua.

Jacqua is nothing like any artist that is currently out.  It's refreshing to know that an artist exists that does not follow the trend. He follows creativity and love for the arts.  Great creation can make a big difference in artist success. Given Jacqua continues the path to be true to his musical gift he will make it far. Listen to the music below and let us know your thoughts.

Jacqua Cooper is the Urban Contemporary Musician’s Musician. Since a child, it was always his dream to develop skills in the performing arts. Music held powerful freedom for him since first hearing acts like Buju Banton, a tribe called Quest & the Prodigy.

Jacqua was shy when he started out to sing initially due to the characteristics he possesses.  Jacqua followed his heart where he went on to train at the performing arts high school in Brooklyn. He learned his craft and strengthen his voice.

Throughout high school started to learn to program and compose sounds for songs. After producing, rapping and songwriting, he went on to pursue the talents of a childhood dream of his which was to DJ/Program music live. Jacqua went on to pursue being a DJ in college.  He started by crafting his touches on being a performing artist. Since then, he worked in a duo called the O.K. Drums releasing 4 projects and then going solo releasing 1 album project and 2 mixtapes.

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Funny it all crashes Jacqua Cooper

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