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Jabari - The lead star of Bel-Air
Jabari Epic Records

Jabari - The lead star of Bel-Air

The Epic Records label just signed Jabari to a deal. Ezekiel Lewis believes Jabari is a multi-talented star. Is this just an opportunity for Ezekiel Lewis and Epic Records? Is there an opportunity to revamp the label on a larger scale? As Jabari is the star of the show Bel-Air that has a mixed audience, so is this just to get eyes and ears listening to good music, or is it the type of music one can expect to be pushed upon them through all media? Only time will tell!


The overall impression is that Jabari is talented. His song "Something Else" contains both raps and singing. Tell us what you think about Jabari's future direction by listening to his music. It is common for musicians to release a record first and then go into acting. In contrast, Jabari began acting first and is now pursuing music. He is making moves similar to Brandy Norwood. In addition to acting, Brandy had a successful career in TV shows, and her unique voice made her a powerhouse in the music industry.

“Jabari is a multi-hyphenate young superstar in the making. Artists like him represent the future of entertainment and we could not resist the opportunity to join and assist with his upward movement,” adds Ezekiel Lewis, president of Epic Records.

On the show "Bel-Air", Jabari plays the lead role of Will Smith (named after the star of the original series, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air). The show has given momentum to his acting career, though he has previously noted that avid fans of the original ’90s sitcom were initially skeptical about the show’s modern-day twist. “It just really came from a pure place. And honestly, it’s incredible, because we’re standing on the shoulders of giants,” Jabari told Variety last year.

“The wingspan of this show is incredible, because it reaches for so many generations, and everybody knows it. And it’s such a beloved TV series, it’s a quintessential ’90s sitcom. And so it’s so it’s everyone’s baby, and they’re like, ‘We don’t touch that we don’t touch this.’ But I was confident, I was like, ‘Just wait and watch because we got some great things cooking up.'” Jabari will look to follow in the steps of his co-star, Coco Jones, who recently reeled in five Grammy Nominations, most notably in the Best New Artist category. When asked how he will balance his music and TV responsibilities simultaneously, Jabari says: “Because God is good.” - By Carl Lamarre of

Jabari Epic Record

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