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The Small Town Recording Artist Donnah Lisa with the Big Voice!

Donnah Lisa Campbell is surely on her way to a bright future in the music business with the release of her first CD, “Wonder Girl.”   It’s truly amazing to listen to her sing and realize that she is still so young, yet so professional!  Plus, all of the songs on this CD are original.  Now that bespeaks true talent! 

What’s even more amazing about Donnah Lisa is that she is not part of today’s subgenre of pop music called Teen Pop that is created, marketed and oriented towards preteens and teenagers. Teen pop copies genres and styles such as pop, dance, R&B, hip hop, country and rock. 

Typical characteristics of teen pop music include  vocals, choreographed dancing, emphasis on visual appeal (photogenic faces, unique body physiques, immaculately attended hair and designer clothes), lyrics focused on teenage issues such as love/relationships, finding yourself, friendships, coming of age, fitting in, and growing up, regardless of the artists' age and repeated chorus lines. Yet, Donnah Lisa sings like a pro who has been in the business for decades!  She can sing a wide range of music styles. Her power and range are devastatingly magnificent for people of all ages. 

 When you hear Donna Lisa sing upbeat songs like “Let ‘er Rip!” (where she can really belt it out) and then listen to her rendition of “That’s Life” which she croons softly like an old pro, it’s hard to believe that it’s all coming from the same person.  And so young a person to boot!  Donnah Lisa is becoming the consummate singer and her training has been nothing short of superb. to follow her easily.

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