Review of the children book  "The Half-Full Glass of Water "by Spud Getty!
The Half-full Glass of Water Mr. Spud Getty

Review of the children book "The Half-Full Glass of Water "by Spud Getty!

The book "Half-Full Glass of  Water" written by Spud Getty overall is a great book. Initially, I thought the book was about how to see the best out of any situation regardless of the circumstances.

This story gives a child a great way to look at life! Better yet, the book shows how adults and children see the world differently.

There is a part in the book where it reads; "in every lifetime, a glass of water will magically appear on a quest to help someone". This statement tells me that half a glass of water can save a day.

Mr. Sprud is impressive in how he uses illustrations, a great simple, and powerful method in his storytelling to get children interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math also called (STEM).

This book will give a child a different approach to look at a glass of water, air flow, fractions, and structure. The illustration makes it easy to understand and the quick word list that defines important words used throughout the story, by providing its glossary.

Longe Magazine said: "this book is excellent for any child to have, and perfect to start reading for grade K-5, though it's ideal for 2-4 grades, but enjoyable for an adult to read as well".

This book can be found on Amazon and the Kindle for less than $8. Click the following link for purchase.

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