Sr. Editor and Media Executive, Corrine Anne Taylor, is an aspired writer, director, and actor. Always having the passion to write, she became the editor during her senior year at Housatonic Community College (HCC) for the literary magazineBEANFEAST,under the direction of Professor Robert Isaac. While editing for BEANFEAST, two of her pieces were published— her poem, Dying Slowly, and her short story, The Curve. Also, at HCC she contributed to the original play, Colors of the Heart, in which she both wrote and performed a monologue as well as wrote and sung a song entitled, "I Don't Want to Cry No More."

She has produced several short films including: Sound Tracks To My MindDesperate MeasuresFamily First, and her most recent documentary, Cathedral of Faith C.O.G. Celebrating 30 Years of Faith. While volunteering at Original Works, Inc. (OW), she wrote, starred, and co-directed a short poem-turned-video entitled, Know Myself, a project that depicted her struggles with depression, and she also turned her short story, The Curve, into a screenplay, directed and produced by OW.  Moreover, she played the mother in,Not So Sweet Sixteen, a short film about teenage drinking.

Corrine is working on several different personal projects in the forms of a novel, a screenplay, a sitcom, and a documentary. She believes in the Creator and holding hope for another human being until we could all stand firmly on our own and passing the hope to the next person who needs it. Furthermore, Corrine strongly believes in the direction of Longe Magazine that has been set forth by the visionary Renee Terrelonge.


The Longé Team was brought together by Renee, whose intention is to create a show that brings different personality together that highlights what's going on in the world of Business, Fashion and Entertainment. Renee is considered by most to be Sweet, Sassy, and Charismatic with a smile that lights up a room. Renee is very playful with a down to earth personality, she is also one of the most business savvy individual you will encounter.

é Mastercopy Inc. was established in 2000 by the brain-child Renee Terrelongé in her college dorm room at the University of Hartford, where she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Engineering Technology. After working for Fortune 500 companies such as Pitney Bowes, United Technology, and Ford Motor Company, she decided in 2003 to take the leap to running Mastercopy Inc. full time. At the time of her major decision, Renee worked on her graduate degree in Information Science. Now, after years of struggles with different business partners, economy changes, and personal struggles, she is excited about her position, looking forward to what the Mastercopy brand has in store to release to world.

Mastercopy Inc. has changed faces a few times. Having started as a Record Label, the company now provides four major services: Disc Duplication, Website Services, Printing Services, and Digital Distribution. The company also has an online media store having supplies on hand for its clients. Over the years, after being national, Renee has brought the company to a place where it's now doing business globally. Mastercopy offers the USA, Canada and Europe all its services, except for its online store which only focuses on the USA and Canadian clientele.

Renee has brought Mastercopy Inc. from her college dorm room to having three locations globally. The company's three main locations are Stamford, Connecticut; Toronto, Ontario; and London, England and works with 54 Vendors throughout the world. “Mastercopy's focus is to make our clients love us, and us to love them back! To become the medium's one-stop location with a brand name in ‘offices' that service Businesses, Musicians and Film makers that require our special media services, but find it difficult to find the right service provider that focuses on their needs.”

As technology develops, Mastercopy stays on top to change along with the era. The truth be told, Renee indicates Mastercopy has helped condition the industry by hitting the online market by storm and bringing a new kind of ordering system for the Disc Duplication industry globally. “It was just unfortunate we weren't as financially strong at the time in order to become the Elite for the industry.” However, in the coming years, Renee intends the Mastercopy brand to become tougher and introduce unique and useful technology to their current and future clients.

Over the last years Mastercopy has serviced over 5,000 plus Clients and is looking to triple the client base in the next few years. Mastercopy has worked with companies such as HBO, Xerox, GE, Capital, Royal Bank of Scotland, American Medical Association, Case Force, and other highly respected companies.

With new technology development in the works and the brain child hard at work, Mastercopy is expected to release a few industry-changing services. Renee intents to build a ‘Media Brand' that will one day become a household name.

With all the trials and tribulations, Renee keeps a positive energy level flowing at all times. Renee's key feelings are to “Dismiss non-creditable Individuals, they are simply a waste of time and only keep around individuals who really care and love you! You can figure this out quickly, just look for indifference.”


As a child LeVar’s athletic career was extremely bright. He developed his skills to becoming an All-State, record holding corner-back in football and as a Track and Field sprinter. LeVar took his athletic and educational career to the next level where he graduated from Nichols College with B.S.B.A . He continued to play Football, Lacrosse, and ran Track. He was an All-American football player, Track and Field record holder, and will be formally inducted into the Nichols College Hall of Fame in the fall of 2010. After suffering a career ending knee injury while playing Semi Professional Football, LeVar turned this devastating blow into an opportunity to pass on his fitness knowledge to others as a personal trainer.

LeVar has now over 6 years of experience as a certified personal trainer and boot camp instructor. As a health and fitness expert, he has assisted individuals in accomplishing their fitness goals from “Top Notch Athletes” to “Stay at Home Moms”. His tough, yet realistic approach allows his clients to understand their potential, build their confidence and achieve their goals. As a trainer watching the metamorphosis of his many clients; it not only fueled his commitment to person training but lead to his own personal evolution into body building. Looking at LeVar now, it is hard to believe that his 6 foot frame only carried 150lbs during his tenure in high school. His first body building competition was grueling and trying yet an unbelievable accomplishment as he took 5th place in the welter weight class on the Muscle Mania tour.



Shani has joined the colorful panel of hosts on The Longé. With Shani's experienced perspective, you would be surprised to learn that that the serenity of the Connecticut countryside currently serves as the home base for all of her travels.

Her extroverted personality was first evident in high school when she served as the vice president of the student council, head talent show coordinator, and lead actress in the play of 12 Angry Men.  Her parents continue to reside in Connecticut and her siblings have spread their wings and live on opposite coasts.

Her youthful exuberance was later tempered by a dose of New England conservatism and the rigors of formal education.  Shani gained diversified educational experiences at Seton Hall University and University of Hartford.  Her innate drive lead her to pursue independent studies in SQL programming, computer networking and mixology.  Not surprisingly, her real estate license is just around the corner.

Shanil has worked for international and domestic corporations including the Swiss company, ABB and now currently works as a senior software trainer for surgical centers.  Her profession requires her to travel 11 months out of the year and she has been blessed by staying at some of the most fun and trendy hotels in the nation.  Shani has been to almost all 48 states in the continental US and has acquired over 500,000 travel miles.

Along her journey, Shani has been quoted saying “Everyone has been blessed in their own special way and traveling encapsulates that diversity like nothing else can.”  The cultural diversity inherent in all of her destinations has honed her diplomacy and sensitivity.

Despite having to meet many distinguished professionals, Shani’s personality doesn’t allow her to camouflage her true opinion. Candor mixed with sensitivity may sound like a mantra for a political campaign, but those four words truly embody what you will hear as Shani weighs in on some of the nation’s most socially relevant issues.

Whether Shani is giving a seminar on computer software in Vancouver, or swimming with dolphins in Honolulu, her number one focus is soaking up life experiences so that she can bring a more nuanced opinion to the masses.

So tune in, buckle up, and get ready for a passionate intellectual workout!


Alexander "Monte" Cobb is a well known hip hop,ballet, jazz, modern and ballroom dancer, fashion coordinator (runway coach, designer and stylist), and musical theater director. Born in Stamford, CT, he started dancing at the age of 5, training at Stamford City Ballet, Connecticut Ballet,Broadway's Dance Center, and Alvin Ailey. Traveling in two Broadway tours of ‘Hello Dolly' and ‘Victor Victoria', Mr. Cobb learned different techniques and combined them together to form his own style of being hard hitting and edgy. Mr. Cobb is the Artistic Director of Collision Dance Company, Yerwood Center Theater Arts Program, and Yerwood Center DANCE FORCE. Mr. Cobb is well known for mixing fashion and dance looks together, to combine a new clothing line that mix's movement and style….which makes “LA DIVA LEMONT” A FUN AND innovative HAUTE COUTURE LINE. His women's line for 2010 is base off “the crucible” a dark and weary fashion line that give a women a chance to open A inner being… set in 1953/ The collection is sexy extreme tailoring in denim and fur, carapace-like capes in plated leather and “sorceress” gowns in chiffon and velvet, emblazoned with gleaming metallic flames or in see-through stretch tulle, embroidered with enchanting symbols. Over size hats and feathers …making this the most talk about collection diva has ever done…

In The Longe

The Longe TV Show brings you information and resources on Business, Fashion and Entertainment.  The Show is hosted by Ms. Terrelonge along with Co-host Shani. Under the umbrella we have travel around the Connecticut Community, To different States through out the USA and Even aboard to bring interesting details that can help business and people on a personal level. We also include interviews on Public official, President Obama, Entertainers, Business owners, Designers and Community Activist. We try our best to take you where we go, even to europe. Overall we have fun and excitement bringing this information to you.




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