Politics-Global News

In Washington DC

What really goes on in Washington? How has the last president help their predecessor?

Are you living healthy

Are you living a healthy life? is the right message about our health getting to us?

Global Politcs

How is The New Tea Party and Sarah Palin?

Regardless of which party is in power at any given time in history, there is always opposition. That is the nature of our democracy. Our two party system, democrat and republican, has held on to power for generations, however, fringe groups have also come into play and have drawn quite a following. One fringe political group that has sprung to the forefront and shows no sign of slowing down is the Tea Party Movement. Named after the original fore fathers protest against tea taxes and the defiant act of throwing the tea into Boston Harbor, the Tea Party Movement prides itself on being seen as patriotic. They have adopted the belief that dissent is the most patriotic act an American can do.

Can you afford your sick child

Can you afford your sick child with the current Health Bill that just now pass?

Health Care Bill

What Does the Obama Health Care Bill Mean?

After much debate and heated rhetoric from nearly every elected official, the Obama Health Care Bill is now law. While the bill, like every other bill ever passed, is extensively long and complicated, there are main points that can and will affect the health care choices of virtually every American. There are provisions in the bill that will go into effect immediately, some within six months, and others that will be implemented in steps over the next 10 years.


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