Net Worth vs. Self Worth: How Every Job is Eventually a Dead-End Job

What is a dead-end job? Most ‘careerists’ will equate it to a day job, insofar as it is a means to an end—a task provided and endured solely to make money in order to make a living and which is in no way related to one’s aspired career path or ideal occupation. (Occupation, in this sense, entails a long-term commitment or some collective purpose to which one must exhaustively dedicate the majority of one’s life. Otherwise, (and often more frequently), they will characterize a dead end job as one which offers limited or no upward mobility (e.g. the glass ceiling). This, of course, is perceived strictly in terms of capital: salary. The problem with the term dead-end job is the inherent societal construct that it entails: suggesting that your job/occupation/career ultimately defines you as an individual and determines your self-worth; therefore setting a standard by which we are to measure our happiness or fulfillment.

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