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Arnold Schwarzenegger's and Government.

Despite the fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger's is a world famous movie star and wrestler that became a Governor that everyone came to respect over the year, where is the principal of marriage these days, Why are men getting married when they know that need more than just a wife? one women in their lives? Beyond that, should Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress be award for her silence of never threaten to sell the story to the press? They held the secret for years and Arnold wife really did not notice the Terminator-turned-Governator-turned-Sperminator dropping wads of cash on the mother of his illegitimate child. TMZ reports that Schwarzenegger volunteered to pay for Mildred "Patty" Baena's niece's lavish 15th birthday party. Why is this such a big deal?

Fall Fashion 2010

As the Weather Changes, So does the Fashion.   Stay tune for Hot designer Collections.



What does Summer 2010 has to offer in style.?  Uniques pieces for different designer and collections.

Flirt Catalog Free Shipping over $75 300x250

Tips on fashion for Summer 2010.



Fashion keeps us human interested and Alive

Fashion keeps us human interested and Alive,Expression should is Simply freedom......

Whitney Port - The Whitney Eve Collection below

Whitney Port is a hot new designer on the scene of New york city. One can say she got to her path quickly due to being on the show "The Hills" and then on "The City".  But who is tell what's goes on behind close doors. All We know here at Longe Magazine is that here Collection is on our Hot List!
Visit website for more information.

At Fashion Week

Look Who attended Mercedes Benz Fashion week...

New York Fashion Week

Fashion week presented Good to Bad designs by well known and upcoming designers. The following images was slated as the top 3 worst designs.

Model of Fashion Week

The  Models of Mercedes Benz Fashion week. Without models it is very impossible for designers to show their clothing in their image.


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