4 Types of Press Releases You Can Send Out Today

Press releases are a great way to share information about new products, services, events, promotions, and other important announcements. They're also a quick and easy way to reach journalists and bloggers.


Here are four different types of press releases you can send out today.
There are four main types of press releases: News releases, feature stories, event announcements, and product launches. Each type has its own purpose and benefits.
News releases are short, concise pieces of information that highlight a company's latest news. These are usually sent out by PR agencies and companies with a strong reputation.
Feature stories are longer than news releases, often running several pages in length. They provide more detail about a company's history, mission, and goals. Feature stories are typically written by reporters who cover a particular industry.
Event announcements are used when a company hosts an event. This includes conferences, trade shows, and other special events. Event announcements are generally longer than news releases and feature stories.
Product launches are used when a company introduces a new product or service. Product launches are similar to event announcements because they involve a company hosting an event. However, product launches are shorter than event announcements.

News Release.
News releases are short, concise articles that highlight a company's recent news. They're typically sent out by PR agencies or companies with a strong reputation in their field.

Media Kit.
If you’re looking to send out a press release, there are four different types of media kits you can use. Each type has its own purpose and benefits.

Event Announcement.
A news release is used when you want others to learn about something happening at your company or organization. This type of press release will usually contain details about what happened, why it matters, and how people should respond.
Heading: Feature Story.

Company Profile.
Heading: News Release.
Heading: Event Announcement.

Last modification: Tue 20 Sep 2022

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