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Get Spotlighted on LongeFM 201.9 Covering location throughout the Tri-state area (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut), Live 365 (worldwide). Longe Show is  Broadcast 365 days a year. The studio is based in d, Connecticut with an excellent online presence. The Longé Radio focuses on business, fashion, entertainment, social groups & organizations to be an interview with Ms.T.

Who we interview?

  • Business Owners
  • Fashion Designers
  • Musicians/Authors
  • Politicians
  • Community Activists
  • And Beyond


15 Minute Interview

2 - 6 Week Ad Campaign

30 - 90-second promo creation

WebLink to website

Social Media Blast to 50 outlets

Article on the magazine website

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Sofia Evangelina https://www.longemagazine.com/component/k2/39-news-updates/504-sofia-evangelina.html https://www.longemagazine.com/component/k2/39-news-updates/504-sofia-evangelina.html Sofia Evangelina

The New Cover will be grace by powerhouse voice Sofia Evangelia! Get your physical copy today!

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Clean by David Vaters https://www.longemagazine.com/technology/42-artist/443-david-vaters.html https://www.longemagazine.com/technology/42-artist/443-david-vaters.html Clean by David Vaters

David Vater's energy as an artist/lyricist is something he couldn't keep down any more. With long periods of sharpening and culminating his songwriting aptitudes, working with incredible players on two landmasses, David chose to discharge Volume 1 and Volume 2 of his latest songwriting as an autonomous solo craftsman.

Born  In Canadian David has worked with some notable performers and makers in Canada, the UK, and USA including Henri Spinetti (Eric Clapton, Tina Turner), Dave Markee (Eric Clapton) Skip Procop (Lighthouse) and Norman Barrett (Paul Young. Larry Norman, Cliff Richard) and Dan Cutrona. (Joe Cocker, Bee Gees) just as Canadian artists Gene LaTour, Seppo Salmenin, Greg Atkinson and Kai Siltamaki.

 Clean by
David Vaters

"This first solo exertion on Volume One highlights a program of surely understood players Tom Hemby (Vince Gill, Michael McDonald), Kenny Loggins) on guitars and mandolin, John Hammond (Amy Grant, Vince Gill) and Brian Fullen (Peter Frampton) on drums and percussion and Jeff Cox (Trisha Yearwood) on Bass, David Vest (Bob Carlisle) on consoles, Johnathan Brown on Keyboards, Charles Owens on Harmonica, Michael Whittaker on Accordion, Susie Vaters and K.J. Raney on foundation vocals, David Vaters on Acoustic Guitar and Vocals with Dave Vest and David Vaters co-delivering the collection. Much obliged to you Kai for your info and prompt!

Volume Two was recorded with the folks expressed above and furthermore, Scott Farris served to co-produce 4 tunes, Prepare, Resurrection Day, Service of the King and Prepare at Amusement Park Studios in Lubbock, Texas. Tom Green on Bass and Sean Frankhouser on Bass and Stand up Bass, Phil and Scott Farris on Guitars, Jason Robinett on Drums and Background vocals. Tom Hemby delivered and played on Godly Man of which continues to FCM and its Honor Your Father crusade.

A Voice in the Wilderness Volume 1 is an accumulation of convincing supplications, petitions and sonnets all with a crude feeling of direness and sympathy that is an immediate impression of both the marvel and elegance of God towards humankind. Volume 1 collection download is accessible NOW here, iTunes, Amazon and every single advanced stage worldwide and Volume 2 CD was released October 2, 2017, by the V Group Indie Music Label.

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It's Black History Month! https://www.longemagazine.com/component/k2/39-news-updates/403-happy-holidays.html https://www.longemagazine.com/component/k2/39-news-updates/403-happy-holidays.html It's Black History Month!

It's Black History Month.

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Happy President Days, A Day that shows changes in our government. https://www.longemagazine.com/component/k2/39-news-updates/394-happy-holidays.html https://www.longemagazine.com/component/k2/39-news-updates/394-happy-holidays.html Happy President Days, A Day that shows changes in our government.

Presidents Day celebrates iconic presidents, but there was a time when even Washington and Lincoln endured as much partisan rancor as Obama. I hope after 2020+ we can enjoy the presidents to that level of great changes in our the government and society.

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Drew Scott Simple https://www.longemagazine.com/technology/42-artist/379-drew-scott-new-song-simple.html https://www.longemagazine.com/technology/42-artist/379-drew-scott-new-song-simple.html Drew Scott Simple

Born in Chandler, AZ and raised in Sacramento, CA, Drew Scott, is a two-time Grammy nominated producer, singer-songwriter. Also known as "Druski", Drew Scott has had the pleasure of working with the likes of Fantasia "Ain't All Bad", Teyana Taylor “It Could Just Be Love”, Tori Kelly, Michelle Williams "Love Gun", Luke James and Bridget Kelly (I.O.U. Remix), Trinitee 5:7 "Some Kind of Amazing", Jason Derulo, Zendaya “Fireflies” and most notably Dawn Richard whom he's served as the Executive Producer of her critically acclaimed projects "Armor On", "Whiteout" and "Goldenheart".

A classically trained pianist, trumpeter and percussionist, Drew Scott has been playing the piano since the age of 7. In 2012, Druski was nominated for a Grammy for Best Gospel Album for Trinitee 5:7's Angel & Chanelle, where he produced and wrote the helmed “Some Kind of Amazing”. In July 2013, Drew Scott released his debut EP, Places I've Ever Been. His debut EP was received well by critics, even being noted as the #4 Best EP of 2013 by Centric TV and ThatGrapeJuice.net

In 2014, Drew Scott was nominated for a Grammy for Best Urban Alternative Album for Fantasia’s Side Effects of You in which he co-wrote the fan favorite, “Ain’t All Bad”. Drew Scott also released his second EP Places I’ve Ever Been Vol. II.

Nexus 6
Drew Scott

"In 2015, Drew Scott worked with Glee’s Sam Larsen, X-Factor’s Josh Levi, discovered his own artist LEX and traveled to Trinidad to work with legendary Soca recording artist Destra Garcia. Drew Scott also served as a brand ambassador for Microsoft’s “Notes For Life” program – an afterschool program that introduced high school students to music through technology.

In 2016, Drew Scott released his third EP Detour and Executive Produced The Voice’s Paxton Ingram’s chart topping EP Recover. He is currently working with Nick Jonas, Jake Miller, Beyonce’s artist Sophie Beem and Tortola’s own McKenzie Baltimore (B.More) and Ouida Nisbett. Drew Scott plans to release his third and final installment to his Places I’ve Ever Been series with features from Andra Day, American Idol’s Pia Toscano, and Eric Bellinger to name a few.


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Im Yours by Sizzla https://www.longemagazine.com/technology/42-artist/357-im-yours-by-sizzla.html https://www.longemagazine.com/technology/42-artist/357-im-yours-by-sizzla.html Sizzla

Miguel Orlando Collins (born 17 April 1976), known by his stage name Sizzla Kalonji or Sizzla, is a Jamaican reggae musician. He is one of the most commercially and critically successful contemporary reggae artists and is noted for his high number of releases.[1] As of 2018 he has released 56 solo albums.

Sizzla was born in Kingston, Jamaica, to devout Rastafari movement parents.[2] Like them Sizzla subscribes to the Bobo Ashanti branch of the Rastafari movement.[3] He was raised in August Town, Kingston, Jamaica where he studied mechanical engineering at Dunoon High School.

 I'm Yours by Sizzla

Sizzla began to develop his own style whilst serving his musical apprenticeship with the Caveman Hi-Fi sound system.[4] He has used his music as a vehicle for his message, kickstarting his recording career in 1995 with a release through the Zagalou label,[5] he then teamed up with "Bobby Digital" Dixon for a series of singles.[6] Extensive touring with fellow Xterminator label mate roots and culture artist Luciano followed, earning Sizzla notoriaty .[5]

Homer Harris, the same man who named and mentored Buju Banton got him his first break, introduced Sizzla to top Jamaican saxophonist Dean Fraser, the musical director for Philip "Fattis" Burrell's Xterminator Family. 1995 marked an important turning point for Sizzla when he began working with Fattis.[5] This union led to a run of successful singles and the release of Sizzla's debut album, Burning Up.[5]

The two allied again a year later with the follow-up, Praise Ye Jah (JetStar).[5] Praise Ye Jah was quickly trumped by his release of the Dixon-produced Black Woman & Child that same year.[6] The title track was a smash hit and became something of a cultural reggae anthem. Sizzla scored several more hits during 1997, including "Like Mountain," "Babylon Cowboy," "Kings of the Earth," and the Luciano duet "Build a Better World".[5] This hot streak kicked off an enormously productive recording binge that lasted over the next several years, with much of his output still done for Burrell.[5]

Along with universal praise came Sizzla's first nomination for Best International Reggae Artist of the Year at the 1998 MOBO Awards and a place in various magazines' top 100 albums of the year.[6] Sizzla has since released several dozen albums, including 1998's Kalonji and Royal Son of Ethiopia from 1999. 1999 also saw him receive his second MOBO nomination.[6] Sizzla remains a constant presence in the reggae charts worldwide. Currently, Sizzla has 21 albums that have made it onto the Billboard's Top Reggae Albums music chart, the highest Words of Truth, reaching the peak position of No. 5.[7]

Sizzla Kalonji has released over 45 solo albums and over fifteen combination albums, crossing different genres of Reggae.[5] He has started his own record company, Kalonji Records; which in a joint venture with Damon Dash Music Group and Koch Records, released the album, The Overstanding, in November 2006.[5] This was his third album released through Kalonji Records; as well as Black History and Life.[5]

Sizzla, along with reggae recording artists such as Capleton, Norris Man, Buju Banton, and Anthony B, are credited with leading a movement toward a re-embracement of Rastafarian values in contemporary reggae music by recording material which is concerned primarily with spirituality and social consciousness, explores common themes, such as Babylon's corrupting influence, the disenfranchisement of ghetto youth, oppression of the black nation and Sizzla's abiding faith in Jah and resistance against perceived agents of oppression.

Sizzla's 2008 effort, Ghetto Youth-ology, is produced by the Firehouse Crew, the same who produced Sizzla's debut, Burning Up.[8]

In 2013 he released the album The Messiah. In January 2014 it was nominated for a Grammy Award, his first nomination. [9] In 2014 Sizzla was featured in the song and video for Stephen Marley's single "Rock Stone."

His sons Raheem and Melech have followed him into a career in music, working under the name Reemus K and Meleku.[10]

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Weed Market by Delly Ranx https://www.longemagazine.com/technology/42-artist/356-weed-market-by-delly-ranx.html https://www.longemagazine.com/technology/42-artist/356-weed-market-by-delly-ranx.html Weed Market by Delly Ranx

Looking for some new and hot on the reggae music charts? Here it is Weed Mark by Delly Ranx.

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Foster was raised as a Christian, but adopted the Rastafarian faith as a teenager.[1] Ranx first had success in the 1990s with singles such as "No Gal No More Than You",[2] and has released more than 80 singles since 1993.

He released the album Good Profile in 2009.[3] In 2010 he had success with the "Saudi Arabia" rhythm which he produced, on which he had a hit himself with "Toppa Toppa", and also provided the basis for hits by Buju Banton, Wayne Wonder, Gramps Morgan and Sizzla.[4] Other rhythm produced by Ranx have been voiced by Sean Paul and Mavado.[2] In 2011 he released a combination album, Fi Di Dancehall, with American singer Sadiki.[4]

Ranx released his third solo album, The Next Chapter, in July 2012, featuring guest appearances from Bunny Rugs and Buju Banton.[5][6]

His fourth solo album, Sweet Reggae, was released in 2014.[7]

His fifth solo album, Weed Market, was released in February 2018.[8]

He releases his own productions on his Pure Music Promotions label.

Weed Market Delly Ranx


  • Break Free (2006)
  • Good Profile (2009), Itation Records
  • Fi Di Dancehall (2011), Skinny Bwoy - Delly Ranx and Sadiki
  • The Next Chapter (2012), Pure Music Productions
  • Sweet Reggae (2014)
  • Weed Market (2018), Pure Music Productions

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Issue # 16 https://www.longemagazine.com/news-updates/4-longe-magazine/355-issue-16.html https://www.longemagazine.com/news-updates/4-longe-magazine/355-issue-16.html Sofia Evangelina Cover

Cover Store is on Power House Artist  Sofia Evangelina.

Inside: Artists
Natalie Nichole
Yvng Swag,
Kingly T
JGE Retro

Summer Fashion

Places to go

Hot in Business

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Matrixx of Domination https://www.longemagazine.com/technology/42-artist/354-matrixx-of-domination.html https://www.longemagazine.com/technology/42-artist/354-matrixx-of-domination.html Matrixx of Domination

When was the last time you peeled your ears back for a female alternative group? In fact, not only are there very few female alternative rock groups, but there is a cookie cutter standard for women in the industry. Individuality and creativity have taken a back seat to money and industry-defined standards and images.


But what happens when on the scene appears a group that cannot be defined or detained, embodying sheer musical talent and ability? Matrixx of Domination, whose musical sound would most closely be associated with alternative rock, is poised to refresh the music industry by bringing uniqueness, originality and true vision back to music. Comprised of sisters Crys and Chie, Matrixx of Domination will return music back to its rightful owners, the true music lovers. With both sisters having musical backgrounds that span classical, jazz, hip hop, R&B, and rock, over more than 15 years, they were able to combine their varying musical and personal experiences into an album that not only entertains but teaches life lessons.

One Shot by Matrixx of Domination

"Matrixx of Domination is not an assimilation of the current industry’s sound and style. They have been gaining attention from music lovers across genres. The term “matrix of domination” refers to the types of oppression that all people have experienced, whether by race, sex, class, gender, age or sexual orientation. Matrixx of Domination takes this pain and not only expresses it but brings you an unforgettable, rebellious sound that eventually furthers growth. Inspired by risk-taking artists such as Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Alanis Morissette, Tupac Shakur, Madonna, and James Brown, Matrixx of Domination has a progressive style that infuses all genres of music into one exclusive sound.

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