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Have you ever had an Easy High, Easy Low?

"Easy High Easy Low" is the hot new single release from best in class Singer/Songwriter Dylan Leibrich, an expert professional recording artist who has starting late been getting popular among the online music scene as a result of his headway as a skilled musician and reliably growing accomplishment which has grabbed the thought of both national and worldwide media and made Dylan Leibrich a specialist to be on the post for as we progress beyond what many would consider possible of 2019 and enter 2020 with full influence.

In the inflexibly oversaturated online market of free music releases, it has gotten logically difficult for a release to get the recognition and make exposure inside the oversaturated market, be that as it may yet the new pop pushed single by Singer/Songwriter Dylan Leibrich has quite recently made a little buzz through electronic systems administration media. This is only the start of what is to look for the single release and Dylan Leibrich as an artist as we head further to the year's end 2019.

Dylan Leibrich is a Singer/Songwriter who is taking care of an inexorably modernized approach to managing the online music area with his own adaptable style and stand-out approach to manage songwriting which has been a hit with his gave supporters and a fan base who have been vigorously envisioning new music from Dylan Leibrich. The new out of the container new single "Easy High Easy Low" is guar-wagered to hit an agreement with new crowd individuals with the single's unique method to manage songwriting and animated nature guaranteed to make the crowd individuals dream.

The single "Easy High Easy Low's" pop spurred sound and has been climbing electronic life like a savage blast with offers and likes over all noteworthy online life stages giving no signs of frustrating giving the single "Easy High Easy Low" the unmistakable potential to turn into a web sensation for this WINTER 2019. artist/Songwriter Easy High Easy Low has moreover been delivering creations in various gatherings and articles over the web on some noteworthy greatness music locales and web-based life pages, this has made exposure in desire for the single discharge which is directly being by and large invited by savants and fans worldwide with fans of Dylan Leibrich commending the singles vivacious and inconceivable sound which leaves the crowd feeling motivated, empowered and improved through the power of music.

Make sure to keep awake with the most recent with rising Singer/Songwriter Dylan Leibrich on his distinctive internet based life accounts as he makes new traces of present and dynamic well-known music expected to be both hoisting and awakening the sound of this WINTER 2019. Be looking out for rising Artist Dylan Leibrich as the skilled artist has more on the arrangement and is required to ride on the coattails on his latest achievement with full sureness as we foresee the latest news from the craftsman.

Easy High Easy Low by Dylan Leibrich

Dylan Leibrich is a professional recording artist. Dylan was born and rise in Minnesota. Along with being an artist, he trains new hires for a shipment center warehouse. He entertains all the time to perfect his craft. He has a great love for singing and he loves to do karaoke, be around his friends, and listing to music every chance he gets. When he was little he was in the choir he got the chance to sing on stage, around the city, and even at Mall of America. He was in his home town’s parade royalty as junior vice commodore. They had coronations where he sang or gave a speech to the queen or princess. The coronations were in a large auditorium with thousands' of people, it was liberating for him at the age of six, which increase his love for music.

COVID-19 US Confirmation of Deaths

COVID-19 is taking over the world. As of  April 4th, there are 279K Cases and 7158 Deaths in the USA. Globally there are 1 Million plus Cases and 60K+ Deaths. When will this be over? There is hardly any food on in the grocery stores.

The Long Way Home

The expect sound came through the headphones, a shock is an understatement as the expectation was not was provided. Listening to this artist reminded Longe of listening to "Cold Play". The mixture of R&B, Soul, Pop, Soft Rock is simply impressive. Athns is raw talent and any label would be lucky to have him as apart of their roster. The way beat start made the hair on my arms stick up and that does not happen often. The lyric of the song is very meaningful, you can feel that this song means something and it's coming from a place of experience.  The part where he sings "I don't run back in the place" it's like he when through something and he tells himself he does not want to be there every again. He has learned from an experience that made major changes within his heart. This song should be charted. Listen below to the song  "The long way home by Athns".

More info:

Combining a genre-less approach to composition with a background in theatre and fascination with mythology, Western Michigan’s Ethan VanBoxel uses his ATHNS moniker to create distinctive worlds with his music. With ‘The Long Way Home,’ he has merged all of his interests into a meaningful collection of songs full of love, loss, and redemption.

Given the tumultuous state of the times, we’re living in, opening an album with a track titled ‘End Of Times’ seems like a given. A sparse electronic atmosphere provides the background for ATHNS's strangely comforting apocalyptic anthem. Pure pop melodies mesh with deeply introspective lyrics, setting the tone for things to come.

“I just know that I will mess up again, and I don’t wanna mess up,” Ethan sings in the title track. The battle between admitting defeat and staying optimistic is at the core of his songwriting. From the bouncy indie-pop of ‘Lost’ to dystopian hip hop of ‘Sleep,’ Ethan’s mixed feelings combine to create a cathartic effect.

Having grown up in the theatre world, Ethan’s flair for showmanship is almost a given. His songs are embedded with stories that include references to religion and mythology. On album highlight ‘Legend,’ he sings of a lost savior’s promised return to earth. Its heavy stuff for a home-produced lo-fi album, but ATHNS’ conviction and self-belief allow him to naturally express the thoughts in his mind in an easy to digest way. To listen to ‘The Long Way Home’ is to go on a musical odyssey led by a young auteur who is only getting started.

‘The Long Way Home’ is available everywhere 4/10/2020

Contact: athnsmusicoffical (at) gmail.com



DJ Khaled agrees to sell his cutting edge home in South Florida.

The waterfront home, which is on a private island, was last asking $5.99 million.

The three-story property at 3914 Island Estate Drive in Aventura first went available for $7.99 million of every 2018. (That is that year the Grammy Award champ purchased a greater, splashier waterfront Miami manor for an astounding $21.75 million.)


The five-room, seven-restroom Mediterranean-style living arrangement he has at long last discovered a purchaser for is a piece of a gated network called Island Estates. The half-section of the land property contains a pool, a hot tub, a fire pit, a bamboo woods, Biscayne Bay perspectives and a 50-foot pontoon dock on 240 feet of waterfront.

Khaled purchased the home for $3.84 million of every 2015, at that point burned through $2.5 million on additional contacts, including 14-karat gold light fixtures decked out with Swarovski precious stones.

There's likewise a lift, a rock staircase, a wine room, and a gourmet specialist's kitchen. The ace suite includes a sitting zone, a porch and a stroll in the shoe storage room — with enough space for 500 sets of shoes.

The purchaser is a Florida-based tech investor.

The posting intermediary is Janet Ben Zvi of One Sotheby's International Realty.

N.Y. coronavirus deaths top 1,200

Gov. Cuomo approached the country to lift up New York on Monday, as the state's coronavirus loss of life moved over 1,200, with 253 casualties in the previous 24 hours alone.

Cuomo announced the dreary numbers during a preparation at Midtown's Javits Center, which is being changed into a field emergency clinic in the midst of a startling uptick in COVID-19 cases.

"This is a dangerous, major circumstance," Cuomo said in the wake of affirming 1,218 coronavirus passings in New York, representing almost 50% of all fatalities in the U.S. "The infection doesn't separate. It assaults everybody and all over."

The representative included, "This is a war."

New York City has been hit the worst, with 790 deaths and 36,221 confirmed cases as of Monday morning, according to officials.

Statewide, Cuomo said 66,497 New Yorkers have tested positive. More than 9,500 people are currently hospitalized, with 2,352 in intensive care, he added.

Anxiety (feat. Brave Sound) Myles Alexander

After listening to the song "Anxiety" by Myles Alexander it reminds one of what a well produce record should sound like. The vocals rap around the beat and lock into the sound. Upon first listen, anyone would want to continue listening. If an individual is going through a moment with an inner feeling which brings on anxiety, this song could bring comfort. This song has great potential to make on the billboard charts and be on radios throughout the world. The song gives off a mixture of Rymth & Blues (R&B), Pop, Jazz, and a Reggae undertone all in one! Which is simply impressive. Myles Alexander delivers on his song "Anxiety" is currently what the industry is missing, just great artistry. A great artist always has great products and this is exactly what one would find here in Myles Alexander's "Anxiety". This is a great product that is well-produced and should be heard all over the world.

Who is Myles Alexander?

Myles Alexander was born in Hackney east London, he has always been involved in performing arts. Starting in theatre as an actor and dancer, whilst doing this with Arcola theatre he experimented with poetry which transitioned into songwriting. During his teens he would just write for friends and my school projects, some songs got made and were heard some not.

It wasn't until Myles was in a dance school in the sixth form that he found my voice mainly doing backgrounds in performances and writing songs for shows. Now after a long break from music he back and have things to say. Myles's main influences are Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Lalah Hathaway, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott and Ella Fitzgerald due to the storytelling of how they would deliver the song.

Myles's message with his music is just to keep it honest and organic. Anxiety, for example, is based on a conversation he had with a family member about the social stress we have being from the Caribbean community and not living up to the stereotypical stigmas. All music that he will be releasing will be either his perspective or conversations he has had with friends and family.

Single link: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/mylesalexander/anxiety-feat-brave-sound

Media Representation: https://tophitstoday.com 

Andrey Pitkin & Christina Novelli - Talking to You

Andrey Pitkin and "PromoParty" label present to you a new positive track "TALKING TO YOU". It was recorded together with Christina Novelli, a popular British vocalist, and composer. Friends, download it in online stores worldwide, listen, comment and dance!

Hot New Release by the Reg

Reg is a rapper/producer/songwriter from Raleigh, NC. His love for hip-hop grew from writing poetry. His influences include Rakim, KRS-One, Public Enemy, 2PAc, Nas, and The Notorious B.I.G. His music is straight to the point and vivid themes in his music. He is currently an indie artist who dropped his recent project R.A.W

Janelle Monáe will headline NYC’s Pride Island concert this summer

On June  26th Janelle Monáe will headline NYC's Pride Island Concert. “Pride means so much to so many of us, and to have the opportunity to share my live performance during Pride has always been a dream,” Monáe (above) said. “Celebrating Pride in NYC is a rite of passage for a queer person. I am grateful for the community it creates and I can’t wait to party with everyone.” The “Dirty Computer” singer and “Antebellum” actress will perform at Pier 97.

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