Expo Schedule

Longe Media Conference & Business Expo 2013
Networking/ Workshops/Trade Show: Sept. 20- 22. 2013

Planned Agenda
• Registration  Starts @ 8:30AM (Friday & Saturday)
• Workshops, Networking and Panels (10AM-5PM) (Friday & Saturday)
• Fashion & Music Expo (7-10PM) - Saturday
• Vendor Exhibition 10AM-5PM (Friday & Saturday)


Workshops  9AM-3PM (Friday & Saturday)

• Starting and Growing a business  in a bad economy

Provides an introduction on to how to start and grow a business in a bad economy. Step by Step information of the pro and cons.  Provide a list of business that can do well, how to register, develop a plan, gives out a "Business Plan Template" that allows owners to understands if their approach will work, setbacks and a general understanding of what to do to be successful.

• Business Math

This workshop is a practical and stress-free guide to help you understand business numbers and financial jargon and overcome your fear of finance. The session explains the financial elements of all the stages in your business from the way in which it is set-up, how to work with investors and managing your cash flow on a day-to-day basis. It includes:

  • How to set up your business to make it financially viable
  • The best way to work with an accountant
  • Raising capital without getting caught out by investors
  • Managing your cash flow, suppliers and payments
  • Creating financial forecasts and projections.

In a relaxed environment and surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs you are free to ask all the questions you want to help you start to get to grips with your business finances.

(How to understand your earnings)


• Marketing Methods for Music and Fashion

This dynamic and interactive workshop series is designed to show you how to build and market your business (Fashion and or Music) authentically and profitably while helping more people doing what you love.


• Networking in today's business world

Networking is an essential skill for most business people, but especially for entrepreneurs. The strong association between the entrepreneur as a person and his or her business demands that entrepreneurs get out into the world and create and maintain business relationships.  This Session is panel of executive provides some insight on what to do in order to be successful in the business world and networking.

• Diversity Supplier

A Workshop that will provide information and tools necessary for supplier diversity managers and small business liaison officers like you to strengthen their supplier diversity knowledge and to apply this knowledge in improving their supplier diversity program.

Supplier Diversity Program Managers and Small Business Liaison Officers face many challenges while implementing and sustaining supplier diversity programs (e.g. interpreting Federal Acquisition Regulations, understanding Subcontracting Requirements, applying Federal Preference Programs, electronic Subcontracting Reporting System (eSRS) Process and Requirements, etc.

In addition, the friendly and educational format provides an excellent opportunity to build a network with other supplier diversity professionals.


• Entrepreneurship

This is an intensive 2 hours workshop that is designed to provide participants with a holistic perspective on the principles of entrepreneurship. The Workshop emphasizes the mindset and self-understanding that is needed in order to undertake entrepreneurial endeavors as well as the process that is involved in order to get started.  This logic emphasizes the importance of balancing action and experimentation with planning and analysis—the most effective method for succeeding amidst the uncertain environments that entrepreneurs face in their paths to growth and value creation. In this same context, the workshop is hands-on and practical in nature and each session includes participant activities and coaching by the faculty.

Workshop Objectives

The goal of Entrepreneurship 101 is for participants to gain a skill set and an approach that can be applied in order to launch new ventures and other entrepreneurial endeavors. Depending on the individual’s background and preparation, participants will focus on developing their own new ideas for potential businesses and creating fast, cheap market tests to qualify opportunities. The program strongly encourages practice over an emphasis on theory.


• Understanding Media and Social Networking

This workshop of Social Media is to all audiences.  Whether you are just getting started in Social Media , or want to take your efforts to the next level, our hands-on, customized workshops can help you get a handle on social media’s latest trends and how it can engage and bring you closer to your customers. Workshops differ from speaking engagements in that they offer you truly hands-on and customized content to ensure that you walk away knowing that your ROI will be several times the investment you made.

Whether you choose a half day, full day, or multi day workshop, benefits include:

  • Understanding why online social networking can be a valuable tool for your business
  • Defining exactly how to use specific social networking websites to meet your objectives
  • Creating a social strategy for organization-wide use.
  • Harnessing your social strategy to develop business and increase sales using websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and blogging

This workshops are intensive and the curriculum has been developed based on our direct experience within enterprises assisting front-line to senior level professionals in gaining the knowledge and strategic thinking needed to lead their social media initiatives.


• Branding and Name Recognition

Branding workshops and strategic business advice to enable Business of all sizes to develop their businesses and grow their brands.



  • Mixer and Intermission Session (Friday & Saturday)
  • Fashion Show and Music Exhibition
  • Workshop Registration Close AUG

Workshops Registration $75.00 (All day pass)

****Onsite Registration is $150.00

Entrance to Fashion Show & Music Exhibition only $40.00


Download Longe Media Conference & Biz Expo on GuideBook. (Provides Detail information of the weekend in the paw of your hands)




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