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Topping the Search Engines..Google, Bing, and more!
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Topping the Search Engines..Google, Bing, and more!

Does Google believe they are God? Now it's the time were website are in Google's backyard or should it be on campus at the headquarters. Google changes its algorithm like people uses toilet paper. Google is out to please one company, and the company is called Google!

One must wonder if Google is all about themselves. Let get into the information. Google tends to favor a blog style website layout as they believe it easy to read. Google search engine optimization (SEO) rules changes so often it's almost ridiculous and the crazy part about the rules is that everyone has to follow are their website will never be found.

Google comes up with rules after rules, until there is a better solution here are some things that can be done to assist your website search engine ranking.


Website/Blog Content

    1. Have variation in your content
    2. what content should include
      1. 1000+ words are great, but 400+ is okay as well
      2. picture
      3. video
      4. FAQ
      5. QA
      6. PowerPoint
      7. Audio
      8. Flipbook
      9. anything new (mean coming with a different kind of content to post)

Website/Blog Content Schedule

    1. Update content on the same day at the same time is preferred by Google, which all the other search engine follows as well.
    2. Keep a schedule as best as you can! (Think of taking your child to school every day, being late should never be an option).

Do not cram your content overnight

    1. Do not post content all at once. If you're a news website this is different but, content should be scheduled release.

Proper Uniform Resource Locator(URL) name.

    1. Make sure your URL makes sense to humans.
      1. This means a URL should not be like "", but it should be the title of the page and related to the content of the page.

Make content simple!

    1. Content should be easy to read. This will allow a website to get index and be found by search engines.

Create content that helps and solved the problem.

    1. Make sure to diverse the content on a website. This will intern drive more traffic.
    2. Create content that helps people.

Narrative Tone

    1. Create content without using "I", "we", and "you" as much as possible. Once again create content in a Narrative tone.

Solve issue for your readers

Keyword focus content

    1. Assure your content is keyword focus by at least 70-80% should have the keywords you need to rank well.

Have proper Meta Data information.

    1. Meta Data should include
      1. Title (The title a visitor sees)
      2. Meta Description ( Short description that search engine use to find your website-related searches)
      3. Meta Keywords ( Though keywords are no longer apart of Google's Algorithm as of 2019, it important in another medium especially (pay-per-clicks and alike))
      4. Meta Tags (Main Keywords of the content, who is in the article, who is the writer, and overall idea summed up)

Optimize images with relevant and correct information.

    1. Change your image, especially if you buy a stock image so it can seem to be original.
    2. Name your image to relate to your content.
    3. Add keywords to image tags.
    4. Always add ATL tags

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    1. Get a tool like Onlywire or Social Scout so you can automate your social media progress.
      1. Schedule weekly post with different content that leads back your page
      2. There are hundreds of social media platform make sure you choose the right ones
      3. If time is limited, focus on five Platforms
        1. Build an audience
          1. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube Subscriber, and (Instagram or Pinterest)
            1. Finish comments, tweets, post, etc., with a question so you can get people to interact.

Get quality backlinks

    1. Google penalize for having too many backlinks from non-quality websites.
    2. Google has reduced the value on anchor text
    3. Do press release on a quality website that links back t your page
      1. Write your press release from the third person
      2. Make sure keywords are in the title
        1. Good press houses are PRWEB, eReleases, Newswire, Send2Press, PR Distribution, and PR Newswire. They are others but those are good ones to check out.
      3. Article marketing
        1. A unique article is important
    4. Quality guest post
    5. Become an editor
    6. add value add a comment on content that can link back to your website
    7. Blog posting! post on quality blogs in the industry you're in and then ping the website URL of the post.
      1. Make sure the posting has a few sentences and it's relevant to your content.

Get Analytics Tools

    1. Google (Free)
    2. Bing (Free)

Submit to search engines regularly

    1. Backlink by

Submit .xml to once page is updated to

         1. Free XML creator up to 3.5k page

Google and Bing webmaster tool

    1. Deep linking on Bing and Google

Keep up on what is going in your niche

    1. Use

Keyword Planner

a. Google has a free keyword planner

Overall it sad that Google Plus no longer exist as it allowed a post to be incorporated in google search engine quickly! If help is needed, visit a freelance service that can assist the search engine optimization.

Here are a few freelance services that are good for testing:




Make sure you understand your user and their interest. What does your audience required and or prefer is a key to a successful business? Do they prefer slide shows? Images? Video? Audio? or what? The expectation is important because a web audience changes their minds very quickly.

Your web content can be well written, and properly optimized, but not done to attract the right audience, which will affect the growth of the business. Google has done a great shift with keywords in 2019. Find a way to go beyond Google Search Engines. Look at Amazon Ad's, Affiliate marketing, survey monkey email marketing and beyond.

Jes Scholz who is the International Digital Director for Ringier AG, think beyond driving users to your website by ranking number 1 in the SERPs,” Scholz said. “How can you get visibility for your content in featured snippets and thus conversational interfaces, with hosted articles, with content aggregators and other such opportunities to ensure your brand reaches your target audience".

Since 2018 Google algorithm update shows that intensifying the focus on evaluating the quality of the content on the website. Google is going for depth and breadth for website content. The focus should be finding the best means for growing expertise (E), authority (A), and trustworthiness(T) (Think of it as EAT) for a website. This is to say investing in a Technical SEO service is a great idea.

Have a great landing page that is well optimized for your services. This page should have all the keywords required to help build your audience. Understand your end goals. Do you require conversion, leads or just collecting information for a direct email marketing? In one-year Google made 3,200 changes to their algorithm. Google new focus is now content, content, and more content. So aren't we playing in Google back yard? it's time to find a different medium to be successful! So yes still get ready for Google and other search engines, but find other great methods that will take your business to the top!

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