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Holiday Marketing Tips: What Your Business Should Do Now
What Your Business Should Do Now Longe Magazine & Distribution

Holiday Marketing Tips: What Your Business Should Do Now

As the holidays approach, it's important for businesses to think about how they can make the season more festive and successful. From creating holiday-themed promotions to developing unique gift ideas, there are a variety of ways you can leverage the holidays to benefit your business.


Create an Engaging Holiday Promotions Plan.
Creating a seasonal promotion plan is one of the best ways to bring excitement and engagement to your business's holiday marketing efforts. Offering discounts or even exclusive gifts for customers will get them in the door and also provide an incentive for them to spread the word about your store. You can also create promotional materials, such as flyers, digital ads, and social media posts that highlight your promotions and show off all the great deals you have available.

Boost Your SEO Strategy for the Holidays.
Holiday marketing doesn't stop at the door of your business. You should also be taking steps to boost your SEO to get the best results from digital campaigns. Optimizing keywords in your website, blog articles, and ads can help you reach a wider audience, while creating dynamic content around seasonal topics helps signal to search engines that you are relevant and worth including in the results list. Be sure to use your researched keywords throughout any holiday page on your site as well as all ads and social media posts.

Understand How Your Customers Shop During the Holidays.
Before embarking on any holiday marketing campaigns, it’s important to understand how your customers shop during this busy time. What type of gift do they prefer? Are they hesitant to purchase high-budget items? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you create messaging and offers that are more tailored to their needs. Analyzing past performance and gathering demographic information can give you invaluable insight into how the holidays should shape your marketing strategies this year.

Use Automation and Targeted Email Marketing to Engage Customers Throughout the Season.
Automation is a key tactic for creating timely, relevant campaigns that keep customers engaged and excited about your products. Using email automation tools like Klaviyo, you can send personalized messages to particular customer segments featuring tailored content and offers. You can also set up automated reminders regarding shipping deadlines, store hours, and other important information related to the holidays. With efficient automation in place, you can be sure that your messages will reach customers when they are most likely to need them.

Produce Alluring Visual Content for Social Media Platforms.
Social media platforms are ideal places to market your business during the holidays. Instead of relying on simply written posts, you should introduce intriguing visual content such as high-resolution photos and videos. Match this content to popular holiday hashtags to create greater visibility for your campaigns. Additionally, use original strategies like creating special cover images or hosting contests that encourage engagement and increase customer loyalty.

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