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Scotty ATL feat. Beat King & Sukihana - Like Dat

I am very pleased to present to you the new song "Like Dat" by Scotty ATL feat. A collaboration between Beat King and Sukihana. Among the producers of the song are Cool Club and Hitmaker Music Group! Let us know what you think about the song by listening to it below and by leaving a comment.

What is the reason for these artists to make such similar music with no uniqueness in their music? In general, the production of the song is excellent, but the lyrics are nothing out of the ordinary. In the absence of final backing, these artists would have no chance of succeeding. Talented artists are not getting a break, which is the worst thing. By all means, let us know your thoughts on this new song "Like Dat" that is all over the airwaves.

300 Entertainment: 4th of July Mixshow Priorities

300 Entertainment presents the 4th of July Mixshow Priorities line-up! Where will you be on July 4th? 300 Entertainment line-up includes Gunna, Lah Pat, Tee Grizzley & Skilla Baby, Kenya Vaun, BreezyLYN & WanMor. July will be a very busy day and weekend to follow, so make the right choice when choosing mix-show priorities with the right line-up for your fourth of July. Now, review the video and information on each band and let us know your thoughts.

Lil Uzi Vert - Pink Tape: The Album

A new album by Lil Uzi Vert titled Pink Tape has been released. Lil Uzi Vert is currently working on a trailer for his upcoming album Pink Tape under the supervision of Gibson Hazard. Lil Uzi Vert appears to be in an altered state and the trailer shows him in a more realistic state at the same time. It was a lot of sword fighting and not much music. It would have been helpful if there had been a sample of the music so that one would know what to expect from the album.

Mixshow Priorities

In celebration of the 2023 July 4th, ONErpm presents 2023 July 4th R&B and Soul Mixshow Priorities with Reggie Becton, Slim of 112, Faith Evans, Tamika Scott, Method Man, Kendrick P & TK Soul. It is a show that is a must-see for anyone interested in music this year. Let us know what you think of the artists listed below by reviewing them and leaving a comment below.

Lah Pat - Kamikaze

It is with great pleasure to announce that Lah Pat's latest release, Kamikaze, is now available for purchase! The Unauthorized and 300 Entertainment labels released a record titled Kamikaze under the Unauthorized label. As of right now, some of the topics that have been discussed include the Ginuwine collaboration, an interview with Off The Porch, and many more.

Queen Ailin

Queen Ailin, a Latin pop singer, has been making waves around the world with her new release known as QUIERO BAILAR. The song has a Latin flavor mixed with pop, so look out for the next JLO with better vocals. There is no doubt that this song is perfect for Clubs, Radio, and DJs. Throughout the country, she has received rave reviews from radio stations and club outlets alike. Check out her most recent video and listen to the song carefully and let us know your thoughts.

Are you a Gorgeous Girl?

Let's get to know Hello Fiasco from Canada; a band that has come across to the United States with their music. The band members include Eric LaBossiere (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Joel Perreault (lead guitar, backing vocals), Joel Couture (bass), Ivan Burke (drums, backing vocals), Guy Abraham (keys, synths, Ableton, and backing vocals). Hello Fiasco has released a new single called "Gorgeous Girl" which is a must-listen for pop-rock lovers. The band is definitely worth hearing live as the chemistry between its members is unparalleled. Please listen to the song on their debut album "Find The Shoreline" and let us know your thoughts.

Jaideep Padhi Madagascar

It's impossible to ignore the fire that Jaideep Padhi has created with his song "Madagascar". The music is well-produced and has excellent delivery. The clubs and radio will enjoy this song! The best part of the song is the delivery and mixed-down of the music. Listen to "Madagascar" and let us know what your thoughts are.

A'Dre Remembers

With his release of the song "I Remember", A'Dre is a musician from New York. What he experienced in his life and the upbringing he received are reflected in his songs. His music is very expressive, which explains why his lyrics are so powerful. The song "I Remember" is great based on lyrics and production, not to mention the beat is well done. Listen to I Remember, and let us know your thoughts.

Get to understand the talented Rhonda Merrick

Rhonda Merrick is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and storyteller. One of New Orleans's greatest soul musicians was her uncle Charles Merrick. There is no doubt that Rhonda Merrick has followed in his footsteps. She has a unique voice that will touch many hearts. There is a lot of quality in the production and delivery of her songs. Take a listen to her music catalog and let us know what you think.

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