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Imastercopy.com offers Music, Books, Apps Marketing!

iMastercopy (imastercopy.com) do all things media and technology. iMastercopy has combined two major aspects of business media and technology to build a unique brand. The world has changed with search engine optimization (SEO), Social Media, and search engine algorithm updates. People want things fast, like a fast-food drive-through, we try to move at the pace of each client regardless of their need for marketing services, digital marketing, branding promotions, Music/Book/App Marketing, disc duplication or business strategy.

New Music by Andre Aires called "How Do I Begin Again

Born at the southwest part of Europe in Portugal, with only 22 years of age, André is starting to reach all corners of Earth with his new single "How Do I Begin Again?", which let some people say his voice is unique and with musical expression from USA dueto is old native references.

Ruth Garnes new song Go Girl Go

Introducing Ruth Garnes, the creator of Songs By Ruth, a poet, and songwriter who uses wit and humor to address day to day challenges we face as a society.

I Believe by M.W.

M.W. is creating music that promotes the characteristics of the Fruit of the Spirit... Good Music for A New Day!

​I Believe is an inspirational song that highlights a life of a believer who realizes what the world is in need of. The believer is purposefully in his outreach to show how Grace reconciles the Truth and is the remedy that cures the issues of life.

New Hit song by Jordan Iverson called "How u do it"

The new single by Jordan Inversion is simply a hit! The song "how u do it" is well produced with great delivery. The expectation is beyond explanation. Listen to the song and let us know your thoughts.

InternalChaos' drop new song entitled 'Another Corrido'

The Song "Another Corridor" by InteralChaos Featuring Lizzy V is well produce. The beat makes you want to get up and dance. The drop in the song is excellent. The song has a dance/emd and hip hop feel all in one. The producer did an excellent job on this record. This is the type of song you find on the billboard charts. Listen to the song and let us know your thoughts.

Be with U by COELL MRVLZ (Mabels) and Robbie Rosen is hot out the studiio


MRVLZ (Mabels), who participated in the official remix of "Alone," the biggest hit of the world's EDM scene/DJ Marshmello with 1.7 billion views on YouTube.
A collaboration single album by K-pop producer COELL, which stands out in various genres such as dance, pop, and R&B. His tracks were ranked in Germany and Korea, Taiwan chart, and so on.

Hood Boy Legend new song Traumatized

Hood Boy Legend is an upcoming artist hailing from the state of Alabama. The young inspiring rapper made his debut on YouTube with his single Traumatized and has already reached over 100,000 views.


The new song Susanna by Gianluca Gallo is a heavy rotation throughout the world wide. All the radio/club/Bar DJs love the song. This song will make to the Billboard Charts.

Throughout the years, we have persistently been interested by the pulling intensity of electronic music and the manner in which it moves such a large number of makers just as fans over the globe. Talking about such specialists who were astounded by the universe of move music, the developing Italian record maker Gianluca Gallo has been on the roll of late with the arrival of his most recent notch house single called Susanna.

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